Interesting AR-15 Receivers

In a world where everyone and their grandma makes AR-15 lowers, there are these:



spikes-tactical-logoThe company who makes them is Sharps Bros.  They are currently only available through our dick-spider logo’d friends at Spike’s Tactical.  Actually just the “nose art” style one (2nd pic) they call the Hellbreaker is available right now, the other one you’ll have to call in to order (like it’s 1994… maybe use your rotary phone too and ask them if they take a check LOL).

It’s about time someone did something more artistic with an AR-15 lower.  This industry is so fraught with copy-cats and laziness we don’t normally see people stepping outside the box like this.  Sure at $300 it’s not as cheap as a “normal” looking AR-15 lower receiver, which does the EXACT SAME THING… but you know you’re just going to blow the $250 you would have saved on some other stupid shit anyway so you might as well just splurge and buy this pimp’ish receiver.



25 responses to “Interesting AR-15 Receivers”

  1. And yet there is no trollface or ENDO lower? Sup with that?

  2. Behold the dick spider

    1. Stan Darsh Avatar

      Did somebody say dick spider?

  3. I suppose it’s better than those ‘Zombie Hunter’ engravings, but I still think anything like this is just more ammunition for the prosecution to demonize your ass in a trial. It’s bad enough we have to deal with the term, ‘Assault Rifle’, God knows what they’ll say during trial. My guess it’ll be like a rape trial, but this time the it won’t be the defense but prosecution that will say, “You wanted it.”

    1. So stick to daddy’s duck gun and grandpa’s old service revolver because they’re politically correct? I wouldn’t worry about this, the opposition will say whatever they want regardless. “Why didn’t you flee/call the cops/use mace/etc.” Even if your evil black rifle’s lower said, “kill all the things,” if a buncha thugs with rap sheets kicked down your door at 3am and you had to ventilate some mans, the case would be in your favor.

      1. You’re not too quick on the uptake? It’s okay brah, let me draw you fucking picture -> dick spider.

        1. “Father of two will serve prison sentence for killing armed intruders. Phallus-spider themed rifle proved father had murderous intent.”

          1. During the closing arguments the prosecutor said, “He took the Phallus-spider themed rifle, caressed it in his hands, and squeezed it until it went bang!”

    2. You really are one of those stupid bitches. I bet you have never been in a courtroom unless it was for touching your cousin. We need to call out these idiots every time they bring out this stupid idea that in a righteous shooting the type, brand, name, engravings, or any fucking thing else will make a difference to a prosecutor or that a judge would even let it in if he tried. Go suck Massage A Boobs tiny middle eastern dick some more.

      1. Ya butt hurt brah?

        “My guess it’ll be like a rape trial, but this time the it won’t be the defense but prosecution that will say, “You wanted it.” <– Dick spider joke.

      2. tincankilla Avatar

        i was on a jury where the prosecutor made a HUGE deal about the aesthetic design of a knife used in self-defense. verdict was not guilty, after a lot of discussion. the design of the knife distracted some of the jurors for a while and shaped their view of the defendant’s intent.

  4. Texas-Roll-Over Avatar

    In a market filled with boring black rifles, someone does something different…

    I want a Torgue made AR…LOL

    1. Hi-Point needs to do a Tedior brand carbine w/ built in grenade. . .

      1. Texas-Roll-Over Avatar

        I very rarely actually LOL. I approve! WHATS THAT…EXPLOSION!

  5. I was never a fan of the engraved and enlayed firearms that have been given to dignitaries. I look those guns and ask myself “did they ever pull the trigger”?

    However, these have me changing my mind. Just like a Mannlicher stock, guns can be handsome and functional. I might pick one up.

  6. I like these. They look cool. I also like that Umbrella Corporation outfit with the Umbrella logo lowers, cuz I’m a massive fan of Milla Jovovich’s ass. But it looks like they have had mad problems getting them out in a timely fashion to the folks that pre-paid for them.

    I have plenty of ARs that only have a lil pony on the side. I’d like to get me some of these. Reminds me of the times as a little oper8tor sitting at the kitchen table building snap-together P-40 Warhawk models with my dear ole Grandpappy Gwolf.


  7. Athletics should be placed over asthetics. Too much of the gear train is based on things other than performance.

  8. blehtastic Avatar

    Its interesting for about 15 minutes, then you realize you have an AR that looks like it was designed by a 13 year old.

  9. Zack marrs Avatar

    Dick spider? You see what you want to see

  10. It looks cool and all…but 300 bucks? um no.
    maybe at 100 to150 it would be interesting enough to pay the premium for

  11. This appears to be a stylized Seekins pattern lower. A friend has some Seekins lowers and they hate one of the major brands of plastic magazines, but I can’t remember which. All my ARs have cheap but in-spec lowers and the money goes to A5 recoil systems, FN barrels, BCM bolts, Geissele triggers, and now good glass. I’d advise your first or your do-all AR be built with a lower other than Seekins pattern, and it doesn’t need to be expensive to be good. But it’s your money, spend it how you want. I’ll spend mine on something else.

  12. I see less dick spider and more darth vader helmet… Who’s with me?

  13. Can’t help but think of the Nerf Warthog:

    I might, MIGHT, build up a hellbreaker painted like a WW2 bomber if I already had like 15 AR’s and was bored, but that’s about it.

  14. Sheepdog6 Avatar

    The second one looks like a cross between a P-40 Warhawk nose art and the flying bullets from Super Mario Brothers. Operator as hell…

  15. Would you be able to sell me the lower just like the your prototype skull in the bone color. Shoot me an email with an answer thank you.