Unjamming Stuck Bullets In Barrel With More Bullets

This S&W .357 Magnum:



I don’t know guys… call me crazy but I think a 9th or 10th round would have successfully cleared that barrel. LOL jk.

It’s amazing the gun didn’t explode and hurt the shooter.  I really hope someone gave the shooter who did, this serious a lesson in physics and life so he or she doesn’t hurt themselves or someone else in the future.

Gat tip: Adam


6 responses to “Unjamming Stuck Bullets In Barrel With More Bullets”

  1. If at first you don’t succeed….

  2. From what I’ve heard, this was an experiment and not some jackass firing squibs, reloading even, and firing more. I gather that this was a test with unpowdered loads. Still pretty neat it bulged the barrel like that.

  3. John Fritz Avatar

    How could this be? Honestly, how could this happen? Why can’t I see the muzzle of the barrel in that pic?

  4. Quint Young Avatar
    Quint Young

    I love how it’s sitting on top of a set of range safety rules

  5. James Earl Jones Avatar
    James Earl Jones

    Thank the maker for cylinder gap.

  6. R. Krangle Avatar
    R. Krangle

    I suspect the only thing that saved that genius was the fact that it was a revolver. The gap between the cylinder and barrel allowed the pressure to bleed of before the weapon exploded. Smooth move Ace, your next gun should squirt nothing more than water!