Tactical 10/22 V.S. Tactical Terminator Head

Mattv2099 is Steph Curry with the shot.  360 with the wrist:

haha at the crank trigger.  That’s legit.  Double feeds are so annoying though.  What if hypothetically you had a mechanical arm (lets say for medical reasons)?  Would you be violating ATF laws by cranking that trigger?

mattv2099-deagle-endoI think that tactical head would be cool if you stuck to small caliber rounds.  That shotgun made too much of a mess.



6 responses to “Tactical 10/22 V.S. Tactical Terminator Head”

  1. “Screw you nerds!”

    Love it, love it.

  2. Raoul Duke Avatar

    So, an angled foregrip…and a vertical foregrip? That’s so operator.

    His constant wobbling and waving the rifle makes me dizzy and seasick.

    I watched this with the sound off and it still gave me Forest Whitaker eye.

    1. awesome. LOL. I can’t believe people watch my videos.

      1. haha! This rules. Who makes that compensator?!

  3. Raoul Duke Avatar

    Me either.

    1. Raoul Duke Avatar