Homemade Exploding Ammunition Arrow Test Firing

Royal Nonesuch, the homebrew gun prince:

Royal-Nonesuch-BowmagDamn those things detonate fairly reliably, that’s crazy! The .308 are obviously the best… too bad it ends up being just an expensive novelty.

Eye pro for WHAT?! *smh* Boys will be boys *in best grandma voice*

Anyone do any of this crazy stuff Royal Nonesuch does? Or do you just like to watch from the sidelines like me?


11 responses to “Homemade Exploding Ammunition Arrow Test Firing”

  1. He’s young and dumb. Until he gets hurt, he’s going to keep going with the dangerous stuff.

    1. Bet you’re fun at parties.

      1. This is the same kid who shoots bird shot at a dumpster from 10 yards. It won’t be long until he ends up with a pellet or case fragment in the eye. I spend more than enough time on the range, between practice sessions, IDPA, and Steel I’m shooting 10,000+ rounds a year. I know what happens when chunks of metal and lead come back at you. This kid is doing stupid shit, and I don’t think he’s fully aware of how bad the outcome can be when something goes wrong.

        1. You still sound like a barrel of laughs.

          What this guy is doing is exponentially safer than the sparkler bombs I built at his age.

          People do fun/stupid stuff when they are young. It’s part of being young. I will get off your lawn now, though.

  2. with the cartridge not lock in to battery the primer is blowing out witch forces the case out…that’s what me thinks…;)

  3. Dale Smith Avatar

    It’s like watching Napoleon Dynamite

  4. When I was a lot younger I done this with a compound bow and a 5.56 blank in a piece of rubber fuel line on end of arrow shot side of garage and arrow came back and hit the door of house right behind me did not try that again

  5. Kinda cool as a novelty. Not quite the Dukes of Hazzard level explosions I always hope for in this kind a videos. Be interesting to see them tested with a real bow.

  6. Smooth Operator Avatar
    Smooth Operator

    Doing dumb shit is nothing new. I have seen “someone who isn’t me” do a lot of dumb shit before puberty. I’m not proud of what this person did but the stories are all worth telling if anyone is interested.
    I once saw someone shoot an aluminum arrow filled with powder and capped with a primer shot at a dumpster.
    I also saw someone shoot C size rocket engines at roofers working on an elementary school from a lead pipe and drill battery.
    I have seen someone attach E-8 engines to an arrow and send them across town at a sharp trajectory using the same lead pipe.
    I saw someone tie E-8 engines to 4′ fluorescent light tubes. That person had a lot of explaining to do when their neighbors had them cleaning glass off their roof.
    I saw someone mistakenly launch a bottle rocket by hand a second too soon. It went right into the neighbors bathroom window while they were in the shower and gave them a nice surprise. It was infact a bottle rocket with a loud report. Thank God she was a hot college chick with a sense of humor and the landlord was the kind of person who found it hilarious.
    I saw someone shoot an arrow with sparklers attached to it at a wasps nest on a tree in the fall, and almost burned down a huge tree by the street.
    Onetime I saw someone use an empty C02 canister filled with gunpowder to blow up a canadian goose.
    One time I saw someone toss a small firecracker into a jacuzzi, rupturing it.
    Onetime I saw a kid in the 7th grade bring a 14k volt transformer pulled out of an oil heater on the side of the road to science class to make a jacobs ladder.

    I had a lot of fun growing up but I look back and swear if my kids act as bad as “this person who isn’t me” I will certainly kick their asses. Looking back its hard for that person to take for granted having both eyes, all fingers, and a clean record.

  7. Damn Royal you crazy.

  8. I’m going to send this kid some .50BMG rounds to mess around with…just because.