Ammunition Given Out For Halloween At School

Hell yea!

Full story – WLWT Cincinnati 

school-girls-gunsOh wait… we’re not excited about this?  It was .22 LR even!  Bah… whatever.  4 year old Landon is doing to shake his head someday at this.

This story probably isn’t as getting much press as it would have if it would have been some cop killer bullets, RIP ammo, or .50 BMG which can take down airplanes.

A lot of people saying this this is probably a setup / hoax.  It really wouldn’t surprise me.  If there’s no scary gun story of the day / holiday, what better fix than to create one?  


7 responses to “Ammunition Given Out For Halloween At School”

  1. “Those are live bullets in my child’s trick-or-treat bag.”!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think it’d be fairly easy to see if the boxes had been opened and resealed.

    Or… Maybe some guy is yelling at his wife about where the Milk Duds are that he was gonna give to his buds.

  2. Some time ago I was at the grocery store and saw a .22 round in the coin to cash machine.

  3. I think your right steve…..probably just a mix up…;)

  4. *lights hair on fire…

    What if those bullets explode in my house?

  5. KestrelBike Avatar

    at least it wasn’t a razor blade in his laffy taffy, why are the parents complaining.

  6. Socialkaos Avatar

    Quit you’re crying , do you know how hard it is to get a hold of 22lr ammo nowadays. Lmao

  7. I am going to start trick-or-treating again if they’re handing out goddamn .22! Then maybe I can afford to shoot and not hoard the precious few I have.