Trying To Arrange A Shooting Day With Your Friends

Key-And-PeeleLOL maybe your experiences are different, but that was dead on for me.

Key and Peele are priceless.


11 responses to “Trying To Arrange A Shooting Day With Your Friends”

  1. da fuq

  2. Orangejoe Avatar

    Oh, but that only applies to people that actually HAVE friends. Never mind.

    1. KestrelBike Avatar

      ^^^^ gunners = lone wolves amirite

    2. I think Endo is the guy sitting on the couch smoking weed.

  3. YOUR ≠ YOU’RE

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Thank you sir. Typo ;) I corrected it.

  4. Yep, dead nuts accurate.

  5. Justtt happened to me.

  6. Andy Wolf Avatar

    My friends and I don’t seem to have this problem – but a lot of our communication issues arise when I am using the text from speech feature, I mean speech to text feature.

    Generally we speak in a bunch of acronyms or just call each other. Also, sticking bro at the end of stuff (or variables – brohammer, brohemian,brojangles, bro actual, etc) lightens the text.

  7. My experience with friend. Asleep and hung over on a sunday, receive call at 1230 hear “bang bang” then click. 20 min later at the range blowing shit up.

  8. I wish I had friends from whom I could receive texts to misinterpret. Fortunately I know exactly what I mean when I’m talking to myself