Law Enforcement Requires Restraint Above All

Holy…. these two geniuses in La Quinta, CA:

Here’s the backstory:

We were on our way to my friends house and we were at a stop light. When the light turned green my friend began to make some weird motions and really freaking me out. I told him the light was green and he had a deer in a headlights look. A deputy walked up and asked what was going on I told him he was acting weird I don’t know. He asked if we had any weapons and I said ‘no.’

At this time my friend was still doing some weird motions and finally answered the deputies question if he was okay. I had mentioned that we’re in the middle of the street and he came to and stepped on the gas and drove onto the corner. I jump out of the car and walked out with my hands up and was standing where the recording took place. Deputy drives up comes out of his vehicle with his gun drawn. That’s when I decided to record.


Yea that doesn’t sound shady AT ALL! *sarcasm* *extreme eye roll*

I want to know what fastfood restaurant the cameraman (Alejandro Natividad) works at, and what his ARFCOM user name is just for my own satisfaction.

Since when are cops trained to take someone’s word for it that they aren’t armed?  Especially considering the shenanigans that went on beforehand. Note that the quote excerpt above is a direct from the camera man, so it’s not like the police made that up.

Oh and this is the best part – The driver of the vehicle was arrested for DUI of marijuana and released the next day.  So in summary, these two were most likely high as kites (or sure, “maybe” just the driver) and freaked out when the cops pulled them over… then the cameraman thought he was going to be a hero and take a stand for America and for mankind. *slow clap* Cool story bro, I bet you’ll get a ton of chicks with this badass video LOL.

Harold-And-KumarIt’s lucky for the cameraman those cops let him stand there and rant / cry.  I’m not one to promote a police state, but it seems like there was good reason for the cops to be nervous. Mainly because the cameraman was obviously extremely nervous. I’ve seen videos of guys shot over waaaaayyyy less than this.



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  1. its called escalation of force. why should they point a gun at him if he has no weapons showing? i think the guy should have just obeyed the cops and layed down but in his defense accidental discharges happen all the time especially when the chances are that cop has one in the pipe. if the gun went off he would have shot a unarmed man. you dont point a gun at someone unless there is a chance you will have to use it . jmho

  2. You obviously haven’t had encounters like this before, have you Jeff? How do you know he’s not armed, that he’s not packing some throw away pistol on his six? How do you know the moment your gun is getting holstered he doesn’t decide to lunge for your throat with a pen/knife/screw driver?

    You don’t, and when you or your accomplice acts shady as fuck, you get treated as such. How hard is it to check your swagger for 5 fucking minutes and let the authorities do their job?? They’re not asking you to pull your pants down, or recite the Magna Carte. It’s a simple transaction of, “hey I’m not armed, come check me, what’s going on officer?”

    Instead we have this probable shitbird prior enlisted, pissing his pants because of {insert favorite ‘ism}. What a waste of carbon.

    1. Agree completely. you don’t know if someone is wearing a suicide vest, so execute any civilians preemptively. it’s the only way to be sure. if they survive, make them recite the Magna a La Carte.

      if their lippy girlfriend/children give you any back sass, put a magazine into their mutts.

      1. Touching. Walk in their alleged jack boots for a week and try again.

        1. HMMM no BITCH Avatar
          HMMM no BITCH

          You first

    2. LongBeach Avatar

      fuck off. Cops love working a job where they get recognized for supposedly risking their lives, yet more and more they are completely unwilling to take a risk that might even come close to being an opportunity where they might maybe have to potentially risk doing something that could possibly make them breathe heavily, let alone risk death. Being a cop sucks. You bear the burden of upholding justice while placing yourself in harms way. I get it. But it’s what you sign up for. You don’t have a RIGHT to get home safe. Come to think of it, nobody does! You signed that away when you became a cop. I WANT you to get home safe, but there’s no fucking way I’m gonna excuse shitty behavior just so you can wield your power in a shitty way and go home and eat hot pockets. Sorry. It’s like soldiers/marines complaining about getting shot at. Except soldiers/marines aren’t little bitches and they don’t complain. You signed up for taking the risks, so take em, shut your mouth and do your job. You aren’t even soldiers/marines facing jihadists anyway. You want the reward? Take the risk.

      1. So your argument is: they have a shitty job, someone has to do it people because we can agree that there are plenty of shitty people out there, so fuck them right?

    3. HMMM no BITCH Avatar
      HMMM no BITCH

      Uhmmm No most of us don’t have encounters like this before, uhmm mostly because if this was common we would ALL be hunting down cops/thugs. Cops don’t have the right to assume everyone has a gun, i mean how does he know that everyone doesn’t have a tactical nuke in their pants? When cops start treating everyone like a criminal they become the minority, Cops have thier jobs and frankly their lives because we provide them the support and authority. When that stops… their done.

      Why didn’t that cop “check his swagger” there was NO REASON … NONE to assume that this guy is a threat. I think the only real waste of carbon would be the shitbag that defends thuggery.

      But let me guess, “because of badge” …. such a fucking lemming

  3. Ummmm. Wow. Jose probably served with Corey, dudes. Shit got real in the sandbox….

  4. SittingDown Avatar

    “THE LORD REBUKE YOU!!!!!!!”

  5. Eh, really you have a classic intersection of the stupidity of some idiots who went driving high with the stupidity of a police culture that has turned routine traffic stops into cops drawing guns.

    It’s just lose-lose.

    People shouldn’t be driving around high.

    Get rid of the war on drugs nonsense.

  6. copsarenotpeople Avatar

    oh look. Cops going full retard and then cop buddies going full retard in the comments. Get these jack booted retards out of here.

  7. I bet this would be interesting to hear the officer’s view of this.

  8. a) the disparity of force (two guys vs. cop) allows the cop to have justifiable reason to draw probably, even though he’s a puss.
    b) the jackass yelling at the cop instead of using calm voice would have made his captain america story more likely to succeed.
    c) the puss cop should have tased him. i call the cop a puss because they use their whiney “just wanna make it home tonight” nonsense as justification to violate rights all day long; often when it’s not needed like in this video. It’s USC section 8xx somewhere that needs revoking..the one that lets cop pretend they’re in danger so they’re allowed to use force like this with immunity.

  9. LOL1. That guy in the video crying like a bitch and using the power of the Lord! to rebuke the deputy.

    I have been pulled over a couple times, but I’ve never been pulled out of the vehicle or had a weapon drawn on me by the police. Never even got a ticket. Know why? I’m not a fucking retard. I don’t try to turn a potential moving violation into a civil rights case. Kids these days.

    If you are a person who continually has “encounters” with law enforcement, and you want to cry to everyone about how the jackbooted cops in your town are bullshit, stow it up yer grease stack. 99% chance that you’re the problem. You.

    Maybe you should spend some time thinking about why it is that you continually find yourself interacting with the police. “Cuz Gwolf man, they fuckin’ got in it for me man. This one time me and my friendz wasn’t doing shit and the police snuck up on us when we was down at the river just drinking some beers and smashing bottles on rocks….blah, blah, blah and ever since then, every time they see me those pigs hassle me and try to pin stuff on me. I didn’t do nuffin.” Uh-huh.

    Here, I will teach you young guys who grew up in single mom households how to interact with the police. Remember, your single mom could get away with stuff you can’t, like crying, calling the law on your biological father(s) and alleging abuse, runny mascara and what not. But, here is what you need to know:

    10 Rules for Interacting with Police:

    1. Shut the fuck up. Make sure your girlfriend knows that she should shut the fuck up too.
    2. Don’t talk back.
    3. Do what the cop says.
    4. Don’t gesture wildly and use a spastic/agitated/screech-tard tone of voice. Be cool.
    5. Don’t argue the fine points of the law on the side of the road at 1:00 AM.
    6. If the cop says pour out your beers and go home, he’s cutting you a break. Pour out your beers and go home. Don’t argue you have a right to be where you are.
    7. Don’t move towards the cop, don’t touch the cop, and keep your grubby hands out of your pockets. Don’t try to move behind the cop. They don’t like that.
    8. Don’t swear at the cop. Avoid using the phrase “This is bullshit!!!!!”
    9. Don’t do shit that makes the cops want to interact with you. Control your inner derp while out in public.
    10. If you got a beef with how you were treated, call a lawyer in the morning.

    Or play it like the two assholes in this video did. Giggle.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


    2. SittingDown Avatar

      “1. ….Make sure your girlfriend knows that she should shut the fuck up too.”

      Girls can talk? I thought that was the magic of Hollywood. *Life Altering Disbelief*

    3. LOL I think Gwolf just won the internets. Too bad that list would make for a kind of ponderous T-shirt.

      I don’t think…no scratch that… I know the general populace has no idea how quickly a situation like that can be deadly for an officer, were the individual involved holding even just a knife.

      Newsflash, to all the short-buses out there, if you have done something to warrant their attention, no cop is going to take your word for it that you are “unarmed”.

      Don’t get it twisted though, I despise cops that are abusive of their power more probably than the next guy. But straight up, this was not one of those cases. These 2 chucklefucks set out to essentially troll the local LEO’s. And I’m basing this off the understanding that NO ONE behaves the way the douchebag that will not comply did UNLESS he has a stage, and audience, to perform to.

    4. Here’s further good instruction on how to not get your butt kicked by the police..

    5. That’s too much to ask from todays self-entitled twinks. All the cop-hater comments in this thread just supports it further.

      I don’t love cops, and frankly the less I have to deal with one, the better. But if one does confront you, why do people feel like they must be a special blend of stupid and get uppity for no reason? Because there’s a remotely small chance s/he will be a jack booted thug? Respect works both ways, it’s amazing what can happen when applied appropriately.

  10. KneeShot Avatar

    Without reading the back story, the “chucklefuck” (biting that Jem from d0zer ^^) w/ the camera was making decent sense before he started the shit about “be a man, don’t hide behind your badge”, crying and bringing Jesus into it. If chucklefuck was capable of articulating intelligent words he could have been capable of turning the video into the positive for his dumbass agenda. For some reason the cop holding the pistol SHO made me not take him seriously. He Must not have been that concerned with making follow up shots on 2 scary chucklefuck monsters that outnumbered him. FWIW I abide by GWolf’s 10 rules.

  11. And Alejandro should be deported.

  12. Eric Dericks Avatar
    Eric Dericks

    Obviously this website is rife with cops so there’s no point in disagreeing with them (or they’ll shoot you). There’s a legitimate reason for the current distrust of LE officers. The writer of this article talks about how this guy got released the next day for “DUI of marijuana”, as if that’s some kind of violent felony. Since when does any kind of DUI justify that use of force? Pulling a gun on someone is enough to be considered a violent crime if a civilian does it to someone else without warrant, yet cops do it every day with impunity. The biggest problem with our society as it relates to Law Enforcement is this “cops are heroes” mentality. You’re not a hero just because you put on a badge and drive around in a cruiser making traffic stops all day. Go run into a burning building and safe a person’s life and then you can be called a hero (and no, I’m not a some firefighter in some kind of rivalry). Typical police officers in this country are either recruited from the military after enlisting at 18 and thus have no higher education or they’re plucked right from the criminal justice program at a storefront “college” right next to the local Panera Bread. Either way you slice it, the vast majority of them are of average or slightly below-average intelligence. I hate insult anyone over lack of intelligence because it’s something we can’t control but there’s a reason you don’t see FBI agents constantly gunning black kids down in the street; they don’t hire morons. We need higher educational requirements and a federal law mandating a polygraph for anyone who wants to serve for an accredited Law Enforcement agency. Finally, and most importantly, put a camera on the uniform of every single cop on the street. Put a cellular modem in it so it’ll notify dispatch if a camera is turned off. Suspend any cop who turns off the camera and fire any who do it multiple times. I’m aware the first two suggestions are pipe dreams but I’m fairly certain the camera thing will happen in my lifetime. Anyone who doesn’t like it can find another job; I’m sure the offers will be piling in when people hear about their straight C minuses.