Silencerco Halloweens The Shit Out Of It

Cool video:

I scrolled through the comments and they seemed to all surprisingly be positive.  I was waiting for comments like “SILENCER WORSHIPS THE DEVIL… Unsubbed / throwing my suppressors in the garbage”... always disappointing when people don’t get butthurt.

Silencerco-Tramp-Stamp-LogoThey put a lot of effort in, I like that.



8 responses to “Silencerco Halloweens The Shit Out Of It”

  1. IndyEric Avatar

    Stock type (brand?) on the AR?

    1. That’s North Eastern Arms Compact Carbine Stock.

    2. As said already, NEA (Go Canada! ). It’s a cool idea and it is really solid, but the cheek weld sucks.

  2. KestrelBike Avatar

    Ah damn, all those wasted peach rings!!

  3. Col. Duke Lacross Avatar
    Col. Duke Lacross


    1. Respect. The Wilhelm scream. They have Lucas caliber videographers working on this scene. These guys are top notch…

  4. I would so buy a silencer from them right now if I had the cash.

  5. 2spooky4me