Big Trouble In Little Slovenia – Polenar Tactical

Polenar Tactical got on law enforcement’s radar (in a bad way).  This is damage control to prove they aren’t terrorist in training:

Polenar-Tactical-LogoI don’t know anything about Slovenia (where they are based), but it seems to me that very few places besides the USA tolerate high level organized non-military training, which in appearance at least is what it looks like they are doing. Watching their YouTube videos however, shows they are in it for the LULz and the sport.

I like these guys, I hope Slovenia doesn’t screw them on this.



11 responses to “Big Trouble In Little Slovenia – Polenar Tactical”

  1. Yes, tourist groups would post high quality videos showing full faces and post so many of them. Yup, that’s what they do all the time. Oh wait, my eyes just rolled under my bed.

    1. Well tourists usually do exactly what you are saying. Terrorists however usually have a different MO when it comes to propaganda videos……

      1. The two aren’t different? Both cause terror on the roads when going to Disney.

  2. We have this law on the books in the Pa Crimes Code:

    § 5515. Prohibiting of paramilitary training.

  3. If things go bad I’d be happy to give her political asylum :]

  4. if i were a slovakian anti terror goon, i would have to strip search her to be sure she wasn’t wearing an IED (and make damn sure she WAS wearing an IUD).

  5. More of Manca, less of the guys.

  6. i’m horribly disappointed with the voice of the woman. I thought something cutesy, then i remembered slovak..

  7. Texas-Roll-Over Avatar

    I’ve said before and I’ll say it again. This group has something good going, I would love to take a trip across the pond and head to the range with them.

  8. I like these guys vidjas. They seem like cool people. We should sponsor their visas.

  9. I always wondered what “Polenar” was supposed to mean then I was, like, duh…it’s Ranelop spelled backwards! I’m a little slow sometimes.