Wooden Man Force Vectors

This guy calls himself “AntKing”:

Wooden-Man-AntKingCool stuff LOL.  Reminds me of those Kung-Fu movies where the bad guys would do all this crazy stuff as the good guy just stands there… then when the bad guy is done the good guy gives one solid move and it’s over.

AntKing has no other videos, and he seems really serious about this one.  It’s tough to say though… is he serious, or does he just have a good sense of humor about himself?  Who knows.  The video gets really repetitive, but still entertaining.

If I could caption this video, the caption would be – *read ENDO once.*

It’s not all fun and games with guns here at ENDO… Force vectors are serious business.  I feel like I need to broaden some of your horizons from time to time.

Gat tip: Anon


31 responses to “Wooden Man Force Vectors”

  1. …..(stops video after 49 seconds)……WTF was that??

  2. I refuse to believe this isn’t a joke.

    The guy’s wearing a sleeveless collared shirt and a tie – clearly he is just a genius.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Lol real men of genius.

  3. 0/10 would not operate with
    10/10 would troll with

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Good call Seb.

  4. SittingDown Avatar

    Kim Dot Com goes full Yeager.

  5. Reminds me a bit of the Spetnaz dudes rolling around doing all that Gym-Kata / Systema stuff.

    He has my vote for inclusion in the next Expendables movie.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Haha Yea last time I made fun of Systems I got a cease and desist from cirque de Solei and death threats from a russian operator lol #Bloglife

  6. Calling it as comedy for the name, sleeveless shirt, and “contact to purchase the 30 minute version.”

    If this was serious he’d be in a suburban backyard, wearing a gi, and wouldn’t have done the sword reverse thing at the end.
    That or he would have introduced himself, “Hi. I’m Lynn Thompson.”

    1. Lyn Thompson would never wear sunglasses. He wants everyone to see his intense eyes. He uses the same expression while ordering at McDonalds.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Haha Lynn Thompson. Yea that guy is a legend.

  7. I are confused.

  8. carbonScoring Avatar

    Star Wars Kids all growed up.

    1. bah!, you beat me to it… :)

  9. Star Wars Kid, is that you?

  10. kingof9x Avatar

    Where can I get that giant ant throne?

  11. WTF did I just watch?

    Feh, on a positive note, I guess I did learn something: ’til this moment, I was unaware of the “tickle-me-elmo” style of kung fu, where if you fail to disable your opponent, at least you leave him in his “happy place” and thus less willing to hurt you. ROFLMFAO, addressing any and all possible threat vectors is serious ‘bidness….

  12. The crotch of his trousers is ripped open for extra mobility.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Standard operating procedure. Haha

    2. You didn’t know about the crotch rip?

      SpecOps Manual FM-99834999999

      Page 47, Section III, Paragraph 4

      “When the operator is operating on an operation and requires more operating space to accommodate the issued nut sack ballistic britches it is appropriate and authorized that the operator may optionally rip open the crotch of his issued combat over trousers. Command shall not penalize the operator for such action, nor shall it consider the operator to be out of the approved operational uniform of the day. However, operators who conduct such a maneuver during CONUS training operations will be required to replace the crotch ripped operational trousers out of their personal operational uniform allowance. Unless they have very smooth skin.”

      That is all.

  13. DinoRidingArab Avatar

    Reminds me of Uncle Rico with that Winnebago parked behind him

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      AntKing could have went state.

  14. Remember when you were a kid and would “slap fight” your siblings. You wanted to hit them hard enough to win but not hard enough to get in trouble for winning.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Haha Yea those were the days. Then to be little bitches they would cry anyway and get you in trouble.

  15. I think this is NoStressMike’s neighbor. They should do an unarmed tactics video together. I’m still laughing from watching NSM get his ass kicked by plastic bottles suspended by paracord guts.

  16. lol he encountered about as much resistance as Instructor Zero doing those disarm drills…. I kept waiting for this guy to, you know, stop and explain…

  17. Todd sour Avatar

    First time poster. But I be like everyone else.
    This guy be trolling… and it is fing hilarious.

  18. Oh my God…DAD!?!?!?!

  19. So, there’s a martial art called Wing Chun (with various spellings). In Wing Chun they use a wooden dummy called a Mook Jong. That is a Mook Jong, but that was not Wing Chun. That was a man who is afraid of hurting himself with his dummy, and with his sword. Wing Chun isn’t exactly a powerhouse fighting system, but even the 60 year old sifus that teach it will actually put some force into the dummy, not just lightly slap it. Jeez.

  20. I just knew he was going to stop after a few minutes, dunk his hands and arms in a bucket of wood stain, and finish those coffee table legs off in a timely fashion. He could pump 3 or 4 of those babies out in a weekend with a decent amount of effort.

  21. Everybody have fun tonight…