Killing Hogs With Binary Explosives

Hunting… killing… potato-potATo:

Skip to 0:37 seconds to see the magic happen.  Honestly if it wasn’t hogs, my man-panties may have got in a bit of a bunch because if it were deer for instance then I could complain about the “meat not being useable”.  Let’s be honest though, hogs are considered pests and there is open season on them in lots of states which has people nonchalantly annihilating them from helicopters, and the ground etc… then just throwing the bodies on a pile or burning them.  The issue is they cause millions (billions?) in damage and are dangerous to have around in the numbers they grew to.

tannerite-binary-explosive-targetI’m no expert on humane ways to kill animals, but if something is walking around one second… then a millisecond later mist is in the air along with multiple pieces of the animal I think it’s safe to say it’s not “suffering”.  It’s not like the video is “burning hogs alive” or “pouring acid on live hogs”.


Gat tip: TFB


15 responses to “Killing Hogs With Binary Explosives”

  1. Woooooooaaaaaaaaaooooooooowaaa!!!!!!!!
    A double-bacon, I just saw a double-bacon, what does it mean!?!?!?!

  2. You could still make a fine hog chili out of all that….

  3. Bad ass in every available category.

  4. Wait, how much tannerite was that do ya think??? I got 4 pounds at the house. Do ya think it’ll be enough?!?

  5. might as well double it. 8lbs is better than 4.

  6. Jim Jones Avatar

    That shit is so wrong, but it feels so right at the same time. It tickles the funny bone of my inner 12 year old.

  7. That was cool. But now we need RatedRR or FPSrussia to do that in…. ultra slo mo

  8. LongBeach Avatar

    Don’t just kill hogs, send a message to the rest of ’em too!

  9. “it’s raining bacon, hallelujah, it’s raining bacon!” allow a snackbar!

  10. Drapetomanius Avatar

    War. War never changes.

  11. I see those pig-hating ISIS goat-rammers have set up shop in rural Anytown, America

  12. I giggled.

    In before the hunters chastise us with big words about communing with the Great Spirit of the Wild and how this shit is all wrong.

    Yo, you can dress it up however you want with mystical tree hugging mumbo-jumbo, but if you live in a Western nation in 2014, and you hunt, then you’re doing it because you enjoy it and it’s fun, not because you have to. Even if you eat what you shoot.

    I’m sure there will be one guy who comments that he loves everything about hunting except having to pull the trigger. It just breaks his heart, but he redeems his tainted soul by lovingly butchering the beast with his field knife while his tears of shame and regret season the meat.

    Hogs is pests. Screw ’em. This is efficient pest control, not hunting anyway. Nobody cries foul if I take a lighter and a can of WD-40 (operate bro) and burn up a yellow jacket nest.

    1. Agitator Avatar

      This is the best response to all the bleeding-heart “hunter-conservationists” that have been posting idiotic comments the past few days. Thank you.

  13. Can’t stop giggling like the 10 year old (that is trapped inside us all).