Why Tapco Triggers Suck

Reid and Jay from Tactical Response:

TapcoThe best part of the whole video is starting at 1:17 when Jay talks about how one type of failure they see is when the trigger parts fail and the gun shoots just while the student is holding it.  I love how the irony is totally lost on him, that he still thinks it’s PERFECTLY SAFE TO STAND DOWN RANGE and take pictures. Cool story Jay… I hope your insurance policy will at least feed your wife and kids forever.

Even when Reid mentions the double and triple shots, to me that’s just another reason to add to the list of why I will never take pics in front of people shooting.



8 responses to “Why Tapco Triggers Suck”

  1. Benjamin Blatt Avatar
    Benjamin Blatt

    I’m stealing that Tapco picture.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea! Spread it around!

  2. Stjjames Avatar

    Seems like a camera on an extending pole, with a remote view finder – could solve all of these problems . . .

  3. up is not a safe direction.

    1. It is if you’re on a boat…

  4. They’re just never going to get it. Even when people with actual real world experience ask them about this, they’re going to continue to drive on with “you ain’t operator enough”. Whatever.

  5. triggernoob Avatar

    Wow, these guys are so articulate. How ’bout some actual nomenclature, boys?

  6. Welp. I appreciate the heads up. I’ll check my stuff and see if other dudes have seen this.

    (I still will not photograph from down range. Dang son! What’chu loco?)