Blowing Up A Homemade 12 GA Shotgun

Royal Nonesuch trying some different wacky loads:

Royal-Nonesuch-CO2-12GA-ShotgunThe results were actually surprising at first… but then he started going full-retard with the barrel obstructions and I was like GTFO of course it’s going to bulge or blow up.

At least he’s being semi-safe on this video by hiding behind that dumpster.  He has Oakley sunglasses for eye pro, which he doesn’t really need in this case and he’s still using headphones for ear pro which also might not really be needed due to how far behind he was.

Always with the interesting shirts, Royal is on that Zach Morris tip with the retro triple golfbag joint.  No doubt he went go holler at a Kelly Kapowski after the vid ended.



5 responses to “Blowing Up A Homemade 12 GA Shotgun”

  1. Wow, he is really pushing limits on safety. If he or someone else gets hurt, maybe he can use Zack Morris’ brick phone to call 9-1-1?

  2. I wish I went to highschool with this dude.

  3. Patrick R Avatar

    @ 4:59 … If only he had some sort of tinted glasses to block that sun.

  4. derpmaster Avatar

    This kid’s shirt game is on fire.

  5. Smooth Operator Avatar
    Smooth Operator

    He is gonna look back at these videos and think he is an idiot in some years from now.

    Anyways, someone should buy him a 3D printer and Tor router.