Vigilant Spectre ENDO Apparel Shirt Giveaway

Vigilant Spectre is giving away a few shirts when they reach 50,000 subscribers:

Vigilant-Spectre-Tactical-WallsYou just have to comment on the video to enter.

If commenting is too much work (or you enter and don’t win) you can just head over to ENDO Apparel and buy a shirt.

Awesome to see they are nearing 50,000 subs… congrats guys.


4 responses to “Vigilant Spectre ENDO Apparel Shirt Giveaway”

  1. Jordan Van Dyke Avatar
    Jordan Van Dyke

    range shirts are always nice!

  2. Steve M. Avatar

    Good on them!

  3. Thanks for the offer. I would like a shirt if you have any left. But, I think you shouldn’t have been so hard on Sasquatch, even though Vigilant Spectre might be Kin to him. Please keep up the awesome videos. Cheers, Wes

  4. I love the shirt designs!