Trolling The ATF For Profit

Ares Armor is a habitual line stepper:

^ the “not a suppressor lookalike with suppressor looking guts”.   Sig Sauer is currently going through a re-classification battle with the ATF over a similar suppressor-looking-muzzle-brake product on their MPX rifles.  I don’t know how this is going to turn out, but I know the ATF isn’t naive enough to think the dimensions of this Ares Armor muzzle brake aren’t conveniently the same diameter as a mag light sleeve, or a certain brand of solid handguard…. because I’m guessing that’s the case.  Hardened steel though would make for a damn heavy end of barrel item no matter what.

In an abundance of caution we have added anti-tamper features to restrict the ability of one to misuse this product.

Cool small metal posts bro. haha

Ares-Armor-Suppressor-Baffles-Muzzle-BrakeI really don’t know if things like this are good or bad for gun laws… what are you thoughts?

Are you buying one?

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  1. Somebody around here should build one out just to see (ENDO sponsored contest?). It might be a new record weight for an AR with that thing. Gheesh…

  2. jiggin’

  3. derpmaster Avatar

    I like that they are trolling for fun and profit, but is there a reason why this device needs to be made out of solid steel? I feel like they could make it much lighter by using different materials, like some kind of aluminum alloy, AND it would be easier to manufacture.

    I feel like this is good for gun laws. The restrictions on suppressors are really damn stupid in this day and age, so I applaud anyone with big enough balls to (legally) troll the ATF and put pressure on these dumb laws.

    1. Sig was sueing as well for them classifying their brake a silencer IIRC…but apparently the BATFE was going to reclassify it back to a brake to avoid the lawsuit? MPX model…

      I’m of the opinion the more people to confront the ATF the better. These are the same people who classified chore-boy as a silencer and a shoelace a full-auto firearm. And after the shit they have pulled with Ares…they are a bunch of friggin idiot clowns.

      1. KestrelBike Avatar

        That would be amazing if the ATF reclassified the mpx barrel as a brake, then SIG turned back around and sued them or the government regardless for arbitrariness and stupidity (lol if only). And magically all the NFA laws were abolished……

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Haha *Wayne and Garth style dream hands / noises*

        2. Just wanted to mention these guys, , trying to do just that, repeal the NFA!

  4. Lolinski Avatar

    Something like this is a good way to save tax stamps. Make a short barrel with the baffle stack welded on so it is longer than 16 inches. Register the tube as a silencer. This you avoid SBR tax stamp and you can use the suppressor on multiple guns.

    1. Robert W. Avatar

      Baffle stacks wear out though. If you shoot enough rounds through them or get them too hot during use you start getting pitting and cracking of the baffles around the openings between each. This degrades the efficiency, and in worse case you can get enough material build up that you get a bullet deflection and destroy the baffles all together. Plus you have to un-pin the muzzle if you ever felt like you needed to change the gas block or other such work.

  5. Rusty Shackleford Avatar
    Rusty Shackleford

    I noticed they didn’t mention anything about NOT keeping records this time around.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      There will still be records of everything they do until they decide to be a cash only business, which is likely not going to happen seeing as it’s 2014 :P

  6. treefroggy Avatar

    180 days to delivery ? Don’t think so .

    1. It only says 60 days when I look. I’m buying one out of curiosity to toss on a 10.5″ AR “pistol” I currently have.

  7. ponklemoose Avatar

    I wonder how many rolls of duck tape you’d also need before you were guilty of “constructive possession”.