Mesh Police Crop Top And Dissecting The Tactical T-Rex

Former cop talking about police impersonation, Hollywood gimmicks, etc..:

Spoiler Alert: He says YES to the crop top, no to the Tactical T-Rex.

He probably knows more than I know about the “Impersonating a police officer topic”.  I always just stayed away from shirts that said POLICE on them because I didn’t want people to think I was a NARC and get my ass kicked.  I did make my parents buy me an FBI hat the first time a long time ago when we were on summer holidays.  I wore it around for a while, but no one though I was in the FBI because I was like 11 so it was cool.  I don’t know if it’s a great idea to even semi-impersonate a police officer in an active shooter type situation though.  It’s not like the police are going to see you in your BAD BITCH mesh belly shirt with “POLICE” written on it and be like… “HE’S GOOD.  He’s one of us. CLEAR!”  Will they?

American-Apparel-Mesh-ShirtI agree with all his criticism of the Tactical T-Rex.  His horse in the background agrees also.


Gat tip: Brandon


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  1. For tactical T-Rex I assume it is the way of placing the gun on top of your hand on top of your belly? That is what the call the Sud Position. Sud comes from the Portuguese for “south” and not for the foamy part of a beer (even though it would seem that is a position designed by people with plenty suds in their stomach.
    There was a story that appeared on Soldier of Fortune some 15 years ago in which it was explained that the position was created by two gringo instructors trying to teach some Brazilian SWAT team advanced pistol techniques but they had a serious problems with muzzle discipline. The Brazilian cops had a tough time keeping the fingers off the triggers so they had people retiring for injuries and/or death after practicing dynamic entries and the such.
    The instructors came up with the Sud as a way to minimize hurting the innocent…basically if they are gonna keep screwing with the trigger, the should only shoot themselves and nobody else.
    At least that was the story as published…or facsimile

    1. It is called Sul, not Sud. If done properly the gun shouldn’t be pointed at you at all. Nor will it get hung up on your clothing like the video person claims.

      From one of the gringo instructors that invented it:

      It is designed for specific scenarios and it works well for those, but like most things in the shooting world that go mainstream, it is picked up by people that never trained on them.

      1. Excellent. Max Joseph who is the CO of TFTT (and USMC) is one of the founders of position Sul. It is, as stated above, an excellent position for muzzle discipline in confined areas. It is another technique to utilize or put into your training toolbox. I learned it from Max and can endorse it wholeheartedly. This asshat in the video needs to train more and post videos less.

  2. dogxhead Avatar

    I watched the horses the entire time. Some one needs to remake this exact video but with dialogue of the horses frying “crop cop” Mystery Science Theater style.

  3. “Conga-line?” Gloria Estefan? WTF?

    Your daily video selection and commentary pegs the daily giggle factor. Goes great with morning coffee.

    Keep up the good work and thank you.

  4. jim bob Avatar

    i make it a point to take advice from men in bippy tops. full points to gryffindor if he showed off his belly while wearing it.

    1. LOL

    2. I’ll never be caught wearing a football practice jersey with POLICE heat-pressed on it from the local sporting good store…

  5. Spidermonkey Avatar

    The SUL or high ready position is an excellent technique when used correctly. Not only does the creator of the video not know the technique he doesn’t know when to properly use it.

  6. Maybe if it was 1997, the mesh would be cool. Today it’s all about the 5.11, overpriced, covert tactical gear.

    1. Got a dedicated closet full of that $hit.