Harness For Inaccessible Concealed Carry

All in one derp solution: Shoulder holster handgun carry, Neck handgun carry, middle of back handgun carry WITH middle of back knife:

So let me get this straight… Mike Mah A.K.A. “NoStressMike” says you should wear that ridiculous shoulder holster with a handgun and extra magazine… ONLY TO MAKE IT INACCESSIBLE by wearing a damn hoody?  Cool story “No Stress”… can I call you that?

0:51 – But wait…. the solution to the inaccessibility due to the hoody is naturally a gun mounted to the back of your neck.  So comfortable I bet.

1:53 – Oh but it gets better… at around 2 minutes he introduces us to his 3rd line of defense. which is downward draw ITH (Inside The Hoody) bowie knife which took far too long to access even under the most ideal conditions.

2:17 – Hold up guys… “Mike Mah is internationally respected for his health and safety knowledge and experience”.  I guess I better quit talking shit right now. He obviously knows more than I’ll ever know.

2:23 – LOL to make things better yet, he has a 3rd gun awkwardly place at the middle of his back.

Mike-Mah-NoStressMike3:01 – He has the audacity to shit on the good name of New York Reload, and call his setup that?  I’d call it a Triple-Derp-Inaccessibility (TDI) reload.

I genuinely try to avoid using the word “retarded” in real life and on the blog because I know it’s offensive.  If you don’t find the fact his blog post (now removed) on this topic is called Special Tactics for Special Needs ironic then I really don’t know what to say (It’s retarded… get it? LOL).


Hat tip: Jason


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  1. lolinski Avatar

    Double shoulder holsters are still cool though.

  2. Anonymoose Avatar

    I know a guy who carries in a shoulder holster under a hoodie.

  3. How many time did he flag his noggin? He’d be hog tied before getting any of that shit out.

    1. http://youtu.be/ura5jHUJqwM?list=PLb1RbHb2lBMtNCJXwVUXLs6-HbCkMOvZV

      According to this video (3:00 or so in), his guns are always loaded.

  4. dogxhead Avatar

    I love this guy! That hole in your sweatshirt is for that dealy your thinkin thoughts brew up in ol Mikey Boy!

  5. First thing, good shoulder holsters clip to your belt to hold your gun and ammo in place. Ol’ boy evidently removed those clips from his rig so his 18 Glock brand Glocks can wildly flop around under his hoodie. I don’t care for horizontal muzzle shoulder rigs because you’re flagging everyone all the time.

    Second thing, he’ll be WheelchairMike if anyone pushes him over on his back while wearing that godawful knifewrench/triple mid-back holster. Small-of-back carry (or mid-spine carry in this case) will cause severe spinal trauma if you fall on your gun/knifewrench or even spare handcuffs. When I was a cop for a minute I was told to never put anything in line with my spine because of a number of documented cases where SOB carry of anything metal caused horrible, sometimes permanent back injury.

  6. Regulus Avatar

    I carry my sig in a sholder holster in the winter sometimes. But it’s under a jacket. It’s comfy. But this guy?!? Jesus Christ!!! LMFAO! Tatics!!!

  7. He actually teaches classes……

  8. AH AH AH, this guy watches wayyyy too many movies!!!!
    I also like movies, but I’m not teaching tactical classes from what I learnt off Die Hard (back-up gun taped below my neck) and Crocodile Dundee (arm-long Bowie, carried upside down in the back…)

  9. kingof9x Avatar

    His web site is full of run on sentences with grammar so bad it’s like almost like reading instructor zero sub titles.

    I think he should make a troll series of firearm instruction.

  10. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

    Thank you baby Jesus for giving us Al Gore so he could invent the internet so people like Mike could spread their internationally recognized wisdom.

  11. 277Volt Avatar

    After reading his responses in the comments I think we finally have a face to gecko45.

    1. +1

    2. gecko_.45 Avatar


      I would like to offer a correction, as this gentleman is clearly not a tactical operator in any sense of the word, and wouldn’t last five minutes in the retail threat neutralization profession.

      John Gecko

  12. I read the comments on his YouTube web zone and he has to be trolling us. He tells stories about fighting guerillas, cartels, and even whole armies. He showed this rig because “he’s going back to south America and didn’t know if he’ll make it back.”

    I’d be very surprised if he survived a trip to the range by himself.

    1. jim bob Avatar

      since he has so many grammatical mistakes, i assume guerrilla is really “gorilla” and pertains to his numerous offshore steel cage matches with silverbacks.

      come on nostressmagic mike, first rule of gorilla/guerrilla fight club is don’t talk about gorilla fight club.

  13. kingof9x Avatar

    Notice how he does no shooting in any of his videos. All talk no action. His talking is full of contradictions to. He has been making these videos for to long for him to be a troll.

    1. I shouldn’t have watched that at work…lol.

    2. Dale Smith Avatar
      Dale Smith

      WOW………………….. If all 26 minutes of this video plays out like the first 5 minutes, it’ll be the most awkward tactical video ever. It’s truly painful to watch, but pure awesomeness.

    3. Dale Smith Avatar
      Dale Smith

      And then at 9:43 he gets into some last of the mohicans action. This is great.

    4. Regulus Avatar

      Dude! Hahahaha. He’s gota be trollin

      1. kingof9x Avatar

        I think he takes himself completely seriously.

  14. Oh. My. God. He’s the best ever! (I hope he never loads those guns).

  15. He also specializes in magnet carry.

    jump to 2:50 to see another ultra-safe way to carry your pistol.

    1. Are you saying it’s unsafe, to walk around with a glock attached to nothing but a magnet?

    2. kingof9x Avatar

      Someone asked him about his background in the comments for this video. here is his reply
      “I’ve been under threat of harm or death for over 50 years from personal attacks, defending others, war (organized to full out crazies), being in the wrong place at the wrong time, monthly full contact combat against trained SWAT Teams for over 10 years teaching counter terror (specializing in hostage rescue), my last 10 years my lifestyle puts me in strange places with strange and violent people, and it is second nature for me to be mentally prepared to do what I have to to as many as I need to.
      I can see hard times coming and I want to help those that want to help themselves. I need you to be strong. We will need each other to get through this mess.
      My website has more. Mike”

      I want to hear him talk about how he engages in full contact combat against trained swat teams on a monthly basis

    3. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha holy this guy is hard to watch.

  16. His videos are really poor quality. They’re fuzzy SD.

  17. Delray Silverback Avatar
    Delray Silverback

    Local Man Robbed Despite Bristling With Weapons.

  18. Bill #2 Avatar

    The really scary thing is that this guy has actually seen action and walked out alive. He shot a guy in an armed robbery in Kansas. ARFCOM had a pretty amusing page on this.

    1. The BG must have been laughing at his tactifail setup long enough for him to dig his gun out.

  19. UsArmyMp Avatar

    EDC like a BOSS!!! that guy is out of control!

  20. Looking through his channel I’m noticing what are sure to be gems, such as, “The last time I shot someone in Kansas,” “Stay out of a Cuban Jail,” “911 is For Sissies,” “How to Bribe a Cop,” “The Touch of a Lady,” “Woman Chasing Update 1/17/2014,” “Symptoms of Weak Kidneys,” “Concealed and/or Convienent Carry of Large Tools,” and “Wanted Gold Digger.”

    1. kingof9x Avatar

      You left out the one where he claims to be a chi master – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-djWgNY0Yo

  21. Starvinpilgrim Avatar

    Apparently he’s a fan of strapping contraptions to his body………….

  22. JustAdam Avatar

    What’s wrong with IWB or appendix again……?

  23. I hope ya’ll watched the “compact AK carry” video as well. Golden…

  24. kingof9x Avatar

    You guys gotta respond to his videos. He takes himself very seriously and his comment replies are even better than the videos.

  25. bearclaw Avatar

    Somewhere, a mall is missing its ninja.
    oh! Did he mention that he is an internationaly respected teacher and what ever the fuck he is?