Army Veteran Throws Grenade Style Pitch At MLB Game

This is awesome:

TIME-Special-Ops-Glock-GrenadeThe pitch is at 1:25 for you impatient operators out there.

<– haha remember when TIME epic-trolled with that GLOCK grenade?  That will go down in history.

Hat tip: Gear Whores Anon


5 responses to “Army Veteran Throws Grenade Style Pitch At MLB Game”

  1. Grindstone Avatar

    I give it an “ehh”

  2. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    I love this country.

  3. Hah. Priceless. Glad to see him have fun with it.

  4. Still got it closer to the plate than Fiddy.

  5. John Fritz Avatar
    John Fritz

    So did I just see MisterFister there at 1:44?

    I was gonna ask for my 1:43 of life back until I saw that.