Gun-shy Canadian Rappers

This is hilarious:

LOL that shriek at the beginning.  Phone-EG Loadin’ rockets into the UZI and shit.

So good.  The channel 4YallEntertainment where this video is from has a whole ton of other funny vids too on their channel, check them out.

phony-canadian-rapper-gun-shyEyebrow game intense.

Hat tip: Brandon


8 responses to “Gun-shy Canadian Rappers”

  1. Canadian rap will never live up to Snow and the legendary hit Informer.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha agreed. soo good.

  2. thats funny . at least i heard him say hes not jigga 10 friggin times damn.

  3. I’m honestly surprised there was no mention of the super HSLD paintball guns @ 1:23… Since they are using liquid Co2, does that make “Freezers” instead of burners?

    *face palm*

    Trolling aside, I think Kayne is more “gangsta” then these guys.

  4. Airsofts and paintball guns. Man.

  5. Wouldn’t even know where to start with this one….and it’s so bad that I’m probably not even gonna.

  6. Bravo19 Avatar

    In the words of every white girl at Starbucks…. “I can’t even…”

  7. Who needs stereotyping when you’ve got this?