Silencerco Saker And Specwar Promo Video

Damn Silencerco, this video is beautiful:

Sometimes I feel like a little background video action, so I headed over to Infinite Looper and looped the footage on mute to put up on my TV while I work. That’s all I wanted to say about this.



4 responses to “Silencerco Saker And Specwar Promo Video”

  1. Well, there goes another paycheck…

  2. Is this the same narrator from Dynamic Pie Concepts, and the same intro music Billy plays in his videos?

  3. You were right to mute it, the “5-5-6” ‘s are really annoying, and the music sounds like it’s been taken out a 1991 porn movie…

  4. SittingDown Avatar

    Their flash hider sounds like a tuning fork. Almost has a M14 sound to it.