Shit You See At The Shooting Range

Polenar Tactical knocks it out of the park.  Hahah this is too good:

I know I’ve said this before, but seeing as Polenar Tactical is based out of Slovenia I’m really surprised the humor translates so well.  They really “get” American culture for real.

Polenar-TacticalThe stereotypes depicted in the video are dead on.  There’s a post I made a while back on here titled List of Offensive Shooting Range Stereotypes which you guys might also like.  As you’d expect, many people in the comments don’t get that it’s a joke.


Hat tip: Kyle, Lesley, Rick


14 responses to “Shit You See At The Shooting Range”

  1. I think it’s safe to say that these stereotypes are universal.

  2. I’m offended…for some reason. Oh, because they made fun of cultural stereotypes that are totally accurate. Yeah. Rabblerabblerabble.

    That’s actually funny as hell. They hit the nail on the head.

  3. Aloha Snackbar, love how the costa cod kid had an Airsoft rifle.

    1. Yeah the airsoft caught me off guard in a perfect way… Lol amazing video and absolutely dead on.

  4. Bonus points for Bubba Sparxxx.

  5. The Costa Modified Exaggerated C-Clamp… beautiful.

  6. derpmaster Avatar

    Needs moar Manca. She’s such a QT.

  7. I came, I saw, I loled.

  8. I fucking lost it when I heard the “zip, zip” instead of “BANG, BANG” on the COD/Costa guy. Bravo

  9. i really expected this to be funnier . it was kind of stupid !!

  10. I really loved the “Polenar”, I had almost the same reaction when an expensive bolt action had problems. To be fair though, it was .22 LR with a bad priemr, had to hit it 4-5 times before it fired. Probably not safe but it was match ammo and I paid match price for it.

  11. Lol watching it again I realized how perfect the soundtrack is…

  12. I thought the gangsta pant sag was great.

  13. On the fifth view I finally got the Aloha Snack Bar reference. Now all I hear at that point is a commercial: “Welcome to the Aloha Snack Bar where our smoothies are the bomb-digity!” Seriously…it’s in that stereotype voice too.