TrackingPoint At The Battle Of The Alamo

Oh if only precision guided firearms were available back in 1836:

Wild corny, but TrackingPoint did a nice job on the video.  Make sure you check out their website if you’re not already familiar with the awesome products they put out.

TrackingPoint-LogoI checked the YouTube comments in hopes that someone was going to be butthurt that Texas won in this scenario.  Unfortunately no comments like that yet haha.



6 responses to “TrackingPoint At The Battle Of The Alamo”

  1. HypnoticMeat Avatar

    This shit is so rad.

  2. Now that is great marketing!!!!!!! Not one stitch of multocam or tack halmets derp!

  3. Awesome! Lol the Texas expansion scene at the end…

  4. So.. 2 tracking points @ $20k

    or… 30 semiauto carbines @ $20k

    Poor value IMO.

  5. Yeah Texans won the war, but I thought Texans lost the Battle of the Alamo?

  6. cardsfanbj Avatar

    That was awesome!
    Too bad they cost as much as a used car…