Homemade 12GA Shotgun Close Range Fruit And Soda Vaporization

Royal-Nonesuch-CO2-12GA-ShotgunWith a few notable exceptions, people rarely ever thank me for blogging non-stop about them.  I’ll live because luckily I do this for the LULz, not the thank-yous.

Oh look he bought eyepro finally.  They look like the $1 harbor freight specials, but at least they are something.  Bad news is he’s still using shitty earbud headphones for ear protection.



3 responses to “Homemade 12GA Shotgun Close Range Fruit And Soda Vaporization”

  1. look how dented his stool got…lol

  2. Delray Silverback Avatar
    Delray Silverback

    Something tells me this kid has been homeschooled from day 1.

    1. Haha maybe, but he leads the most dangerous life of any homeschooler I’ve ever met…