The Filmography Of Guns

A visual history of iconic TV and movie guns:

Make sure to check out her Kickstarter campaign for more details.  Cathryn Lavery (The designer) does seem genuinely interested in guns, which is cool.


Very high attention to detail, and she was very receptive to my constructive criticism. I pointed out a few errors and she was quick to fix them. Good looking book and poster for sure, and it even looks badass on the t-shirt.

Flimography-Of-GunsThis is an example of a Kickstarter campaign structure that’s done properly.  People should take notes and follow this example.

I love how she uses the words “clip” and “mag” in naming her reward levels.


Oh and Cathryn said she would give a lucky reader a shirt and another a poster. Enter below:

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9 responses to “The Filmography Of Guns”

  1. Sounds like she used the and put it in print form.

  2. Hey Johnny,

    I definitely used the website as part of the research. Chris (founder of imfdb) has been awesome to work with on making sure everything was right, and ENDO Mike was great at picking out the parts I needed to fix. I want to make this print as accurate as possible of course so I appreciate the awesome feedback.

  3. MIke-

    I’m guessing you’ll acquire a few of the books and posters for GIVEAWAYS???!!!

    I need that poster!

  4. The AK safety is on the wrong side.

    1. Indeed, we can see it @ 2:28…

  5. Thanks Wyatt and Jeep. Fixed that now, however I can’t change the video right now but the poster hasn’t been sent to print (next monday) so making sure all the errors are fixed so that I don’t upset anyone. Appreciate the feedback.

    1. Upon further inspection it looks like the several images are reversed, showing the features of the right side of the firearm on the left or vise versa. From ones I can see, here are a few more that may need attention. Spas-12, M-16(Possibly, its difficult to see), HK XM8, Sig Sauer 226R, Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket, HK compact 9mm, MAC-10, IMI Micro Uzi, “Sniper Rifle” Cheytac M200, Heckler & Koch HK45, S&W Combat Masterpiece, Colt Diamondback, and M1 Garand. Also the Luger P08 Has no Magazine. Hope that may help somewhat, it may be advisable to get someone knowledgeable to look them all over to make sure things are correct. Best of luck.

  6. is there any way I could buy this poster in time for Christmas… im looking for a Christmas miracle!!!!! Tapiture offers if but only ground shipping which says up to 14 days… :-( Please get back to me , this would make the perfect gift for a gun fanatic friend!!! Thanks for your time!!

    1. Hey Oz, yes you can buy it from here and it’ll ship the same day :)