Richard Tip Makes Fun Of Carolina Tactical Outfitters

Nutnfancy-Googly-Eyes-Herp-DerpHoly that Carolina Tactical Outfitters video looks pretty bad.  Although Richard’s first video on Gander Goddamn Mountain was amazing, this time I would have preferred to have just seen the actual video on its own and then watched his commentary after the fact.   I hope the awesomeness of the Gander Mountain video wasn’t just a fluke.  I’m looking forward to see what Richard comes out with in the future for sure.



7 responses to “Richard Tip Makes Fun Of Carolina Tactical Outfitters”

  1. I think he tried too hard, one of the great things about the first video was that it seemed like he just plopped down in front of his Web Cam and let loose

    1. I agree. And that video was almost the pinnacle of derp, so it was a chip shot.

      Boy’s got promise though. If he’ll come to ENDO, we’ll get him squared away. :D

  2. Actually it wasn’t that bad. I think he should name his show “Just the Tip.”

    1. In his firs vid, he called himself dick tip

  3. I knew a veterinarian who went to Africa to circumcise elephants as part of a disease control effort. He didn’t get paid much, but he made really big tips.

  4. His editing is pretty amusing too, snap editing must be the new you tube trend.

    There’s a lot worse out there. Gander mountain was a great start

    1. It’s been a “Vlogger” trademark for awhile.