Larry Vickers Is All About Doing Fun Shit Just Because

The LAV does things just to do them.  H&K HK21 and SR25 in some rolling car shenanigans:

Looks like a lot of fun.

3:38 – “YESSSS that’s what the homeslice is talking about!” and that laugh <— LOL someone seriously needs to make up a Larry Vickers soundboard like my favorite The Rap Board.

5:30 – “THE CAR IS NOT EVEN THERE ANYMOREEEEE.   DUUUUUUUDE” hahahha another for the sound board

I’ve seriously never heard an old guy say dude so much hahaha he did annihilate the shit out of that car though.

Here’s a little extra somethin somethin the LAV homeslice put together about the HK21:

Larry-Vickers-HK21Larry really has grown on me for real.  I picture telling him “I like your vids!” someday at SHOT but then after that there would be a fork in the road… either I’m thinking he’s just like “THANKS BROTHA” and that’s it *phew*, or worse case scenario he glances down at my name / company badge and sees ENDO and does some sort of TIER 0 DELTA throat punch shit that knocks be back to the stone age.



5 responses to “Larry Vickers Is All About Doing Fun Shit Just Because”

  1. -1 point. excessive use of “dood”.

  2. Keep ’em coming! Loves me some LAV.

  3. Grindstone Avatar

    DOOD doooood dood DOOD woah dood

    WTF is he Keanu Reeves?

  4. Poorly designed belt-fed full-auto vs needlessly expensive semi. Next time I want to see .54 cal muzzle loader vs hand grenades launched with a waterballoon slingshot.