Testing Ammunition By Shooting It On Auto

Chaos311Clarity, I want your job… I’ll even work harder (aka shoot more rounds on Auto):

The unsurprising conclusion is that Minuteman Munitions ammo works. No .22LR haha so don’t even ask, just 9mm, .40, and .45.

Chaos311clarity-run-guns-endoIf I were Minuteman Munitions I would have breathed a sigh of relief that Jon didn’t do an accuracy test.  Everyone knows that you NEVER blame your shooting on your own lack of skills, you ALWAYS blame it on the ammo.  I teach that in my Intro to Operating course at the local community college every tuesday after the Conversations With Carol help group.

Jon is wearing the Run Guns shirt and Pictogram Hat, a perfect hat for the occasion both from ENDO Apparel.



3 responses to “Testing Ammunition By Shooting It On Auto”

  1. Appropriate use of suppressor and of ENDO apparel… Damn those HK look sweet !

  2. I don’t get what the deal was. Is there other bulk ammo that won’t feed through an automatic?

  3. Insteadof running guns, this guy should just try running.