COPS: Ferguson Missouri

Shots fired over at Funny or Die:

HSLD-Operator-Rio-Police-OfficerLOL I thought it was pretty good, in a funny because it’s true type of way (true according to what I heard and read on the internet anyway).

Any rustled jimmies or knotted panties in the crowd from this?


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  2. Thinblueli Avatar

    It’s nice people who don’t have to work in North St. Louis can giggle behind their keyboards about what they have no clue about. You know they filmed escape from New York in this area with little to no additional set work.

    1. Yeah, you’re totally right, bro. We wouldn’t want to hurt any of those guys’ feelers. I’m sure those jackboots get uncomfortable after a long day of getting away with multiple felonies.

      I highly suggest you spend five seconds over at

    2. I went ahead and made it easy for ya. Here’s a good one to get started with just in case any of my previous comment was confusing.

  3. pointblank4445 Avatar

    Some parts are funny, other parts are sadly true, and some parts are just plain sad. It’s all about perspective and context…and people’s complete lack of both. Like Mike says in his post…”true according to what I heard and read on the internet anyway”.

  4. “Yeah we dont have that. But if you want we can get a news chopper to drop a phone book”

  5. God I hope panties are getting waded over this. I love a good troll, and this one is awesome. Fucking hilarious Anyone who doesn’t understand that this is an indictment of the MEDIA rather than the police is an idiot.

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