A Look At The M1 Garand

Ahoy takes a look at the history in real life and video games:

“What does a battle rifle have in common with a microwave?  They both go ping when they’re done” <– har har harrrr

Either he’s pronouncing the names of all these guys (designers) wrong…. or I have been for years.

m1-garand-thumbNo mention of M1-thumb? Weaaaaaak ;)  Maybe he figures everyone know how to avoid it?



5 responses to “A Look At The M1 Garand”

  1. this guy’s videos are so entertaining and well made. I just don’t like how he used the current Springfield Armory Inc. logo when talking about the original Springfield Armory. Too many people don’t understand that the two are different.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      No doubt about the logo. I didn’t even know that until some guys on here told me a couple months ago!

  2. I know I have heard Garand pronounced that way before. However, I have always pronounced it with that ubiquitous “er” sound. I went ahead and looked it up, and Garand sure enough is pronounced the same as “marry” or “carry”. Those silly Canadians, distorting the rules of phonics.

  3. m1 thumb not in any video game therefore not a thing.

  4. HASHTAG_BUTT Avatar

    Did he just say a gun used a clip ive been in millions of arguments about guns not having clips and ive finnaly shown i win