Bulletproof Underwear – Anyone Willing To Ballistic Test?

Someone needs to test these two versions of ballistic underwear on their YouTube channel!



Check out the two websites, Blast boxers and U.S. Armor Ballistic Underwear.

I have no idea what the real difference between the two are, but I’d like to find out.  Are the blast boxers mainly for IED protection?  The U.S. armor version definitely looks more like regular boxer briefs.

Police-SHTF-SHTU-underwearYeager also briefly interviewed the guy who invented US Armor ballistic underwear if you want to check it out.

Thoughts?  Who’s testing?  Richard Ryan?  Taofledermaus?  Demolition Ranch?  Mattv2099?  Honestly I’d like to see you all test them in your own way.  Mattv2099’s testing could potentially be creepy to the max on this type of thing though haha.


17 responses to “Bulletproof Underwear – Anyone Willing To Ballistic Test?”

  1. Whacker15 Avatar

    These are meant for fragment protection. I know several individuals who were spared life threatening injuries because they were wearing their “battle diapers”

  2. pointblank4445 Avatar

    “A lot of what we are trying to stop is dirt and rock, and [to also] prevent subsequent infection,” Cole said. “If we can keep the wound area clean, then the doctors don’t have to do as much debriding and there’s no follow-on infection, and it really speeds recovery.”


  3. Even if they stop a bullet there is signification energy that will be transferred to the body. Getting shot while wearing concealable body armor (vest) will still result in cracked and broken ribs. I’d expect that getting hit with a large enough fragment, while wearing these undies, you’d see testical ruptures and signification penis injuries.

    1. It’s gotta beat instant amputation.

      1. Yeah, a mangled pecker that will end up infected and, after a dozen operations, will end up getting removed.

  4. Sweaty!

    1. I’d rather have sweaty balls than no balls!

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  5. These have been around for a few years. ArmorWorks originally designed the concept as far as I know. As others have already stated, they have saved lives.

  6. Yeah but, is they effective in containing a fart in the cramped quarters of an AFV?

  7. There is a high correlation between injuries leading to trans-femoral amputation and genital damage. I’m surprised that all the armor is soft though. I figured the addition of a hard cup, perhaps ballistic grade polycarbonate, would be beneficial.

  8. So I used to work for an organization focused on this problem.

    Basically it took the military a while (sarcasm) to realize that IEDs tend to be in fact on the ground (!) which means that if you’re riding in a vehicle or on foot, the lower extremities will in fact take damage. In all seriousness, it’s more a cultural shift to realize that getting shot in the chest by someone shooting center mass was not necessarily the only threat – and that shrapnel to the femoral artery/junk could cause just as many casualties/”lifestyle disability”.

    But yeah a big motivation is ‘preserving manhood’ than savings lives per se. Which is not a negative comment, just the truth. That said, they do save lives as others have said – the femoral artery can ruin your day.

  9. And yes they do work pretty well against fragments – they’re not going to stop everything (what does?) – it’s just an extra layer of protection like deltoid armour, etc. Juggernaught armour isn’t very practical outside of COD.

  10. HASHTAG_BUTT Avatar

    Peole these days, these are flack jackets for your nutz not bulletproof vest which is the wrong term in the first place the correct designation would be bullet resistant garment or designated clothing name ie underwear which isnt what these are. These are made to prevent shrapnel from an explosive from taking your future kids from you. Read a little bit of the add before you post it lol.

  11. Herb Vapors Avatar
    Herb Vapors

    Love to see all the pro gov faggots get shredded by the real badass underdog killas

  12. Michael Spacil Avatar
    Michael Spacil

    I would wear a strong cup, while wearing this if I were ever in battle