Kroger Allows Guns So Naturally Moms Demand Action Takes Issue

Everybody freak out because a supermarket chain abides by a law which some people don’t like:




Here is their plea: “Please keep your employees, customers, and their families safe from the threat of gun violence by prohibiting people from openly carrying weapons in your stores.”

Good call moms, so many lives lost to gun violence by average law abiding citizens every day in supermarkets… it’s just lucky / convenient they sell towels and cleaning supplies to get rid of all the blood and guts.

Yawn.  I have no idea why some of these companies listen to them, but what their doing occasionally seems to work.  People who support the agenda of Mom’s Demand Action just can’t distinguish “law abiding gun owner” from “criminal”, nor do they even try. The GUN is what kills people, PERIOD.  Police of course get a “pass” with the moms because as we all know, police get 1000+ hours of training every year making them so skilled they can shoot the gun out of a criminal’s hand, without hurting the poor criminal. *eye roll*

I love how their argument is “Kroger doesn’t allow shirtless men, skateboarding, and outside food in their stores!  Why do they allow the carry of firearms?”.  Yea watertight analogy right there… those things are all basically identical in importance to staying breathing in case someone wants to kill you.

If you want to yank your hair out with frustration, make sure you head over to the post about this Kroger bullshit on the Mom’s Demand Action facebook page.  I really don’t know how people who are so afraid, actually manage to live functional lives.  Also, It must be exhausting keeping an internal list of places to boycott;  I know lots of pro-gun people do that as well though.



18 responses to “Kroger Allows Guns So Naturally Moms Demand Action Takes Issue”

  1. I’d kick out both of them, on each picture.

    The first dude for looking too muck like a cliché Israeli spy, tucking his t-shirt inside his belt and holding his rifle like a dumbass.
    The second for not tying her f***ing shoes !
    The third for holding his rifle like a moron.

    And by the way, if I may, I guess it’s OK to bring an unloaded gun then?

  2. SittingDown Avatar

    The fat guy looks like Brian Cox and Robbie Coltrane combined.

  3. How come none of the banned shoppers are black?

    1. i noticed that too

      they are ALL white —not a black or Latino in any ad at ALL!!!

      don’t “minorities” own guns too???

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        White people are the worst! ;)

        1. I know. Damn white people be hunting and plinking. That kind of cancer needs to be eliminated from society, even if it means rounding up gun owners and marching them to a firing squad for the greater good and the good of the children.

        2. I went over to their FB page and pointed that out —-bannned!!!! and deleted

          truth!!—- you can’t handle the TRUTH!!!!!!

  4. Really? Sounds like there are a bunch of moms out there that need to get laid.

  5. I like how the whole campaign is to target places where “moms” shop. You know because most women these days really like being thought of as “the one who gets groceries”.

  6. To be honest I would rather have someone with an AR-15 in my store than a fat shirtless guy.

  7. So what they need to do is change the caption to this:

    “A criminal has come into the store killing people, which of these people would you rather have next to you”

    I’m voting for the girl with the ice cream cone, she looks like she has skillz. LOL

    1. depends. does she have an Uzi?

  8. Lets make more “guess which one is banned” posters. A guy masturbating in public, a lady snorting coke, a guy illegally recording a film for redistribution… what else?

  9. This is one of the most “educated” comments that someone posted on this Facebook photo. Thanks Mike I have no hair now!
    “Sarah Weien-it’s so funny that all these self-proclaimed “good guys with guns” turn out to actually be the bad guys with guns. Oh and i’m a psychology student so i’ve read quite a few studies in which the results suggest that simply having a gun in the room with you significantly increases the likelihood of aggressive behavior. so the fact that people have guns strapped to them i would infer makes them even more aggressive.”

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL yea priceless right? I just want to pinch Sarah’s little cheek. There are so many more textbook ones like that, it’s incredible.

    2. “Oh and i’m a psychology student so…”

      Is along the same lines as the, “Rent is too Damn High Man’s,” opening with,

      “As a karate expert…”

  10. Picture 1: That appears to be an unattended child with no way if carrying money. Clearly not a customer.
    Guy just looks like a douche.
    Child shouldn’t be allowed in store.

    Picture 2: Pretty sure it’s largely state public health laws that ban not wearing a shirt in stores. Also there’s a good chance anyone dressed like that in public is on drugs.
    Woman dressed appropriately and at least has trigger discipline.
    Shirtless guy shouldn’t be allowed in store.

    Picture 3: Only punk kids bring skateboards into stores. Punk kids also shoplift.
    Middle aged well dressed dudes generally don’t shoplift. Never seen one follower by a suspicious manager.
    Kid would be followed around by manager at best, thrown out at worst.

    Did I win?

  11. My only issue with long gun open carry: if you have to touch your firearm, then your carry method sucks. The preceding was my opinion, and my opinion does not necessarily reflect those of others.