Kids In Gaza With Guns

Caption this picture:


Children hold up guns (one with an empty magazine) as Palestinians in Gaza City celebrate the ceasefire with Israel.

Source – Agence France-Presse Twitter.

I don’t follow these conflicts well enough to come up with a witty relevant caption so I’m going with “I want to say Hi to my mom!  Abdullah and I are riding dirty tonight, and I didn’t make my bed!” 

Abdullah be like “THIS. IS. GAZAAAAAAAAAAAAA.”

Caption it.


18 responses to “Kids In Gaza With Guns”

  1. Seems so fake I can’t even find a caption for that…

    Or maybe the journalist, (well, I don’t even know if he deserves that term, let’s say the guy who came up with the piece of ****) be like : “That’s what I can do in 10 minutes, Mr CNN, don’t you want to pay me full time for making up stuff for you?”.

  2. “Islam… It’s a “peaceful” religion …”

  3. The AK is on “safe”, so no danger…

  4. I’m a little jealous of the hi-power/hi-power variant. Operators gonna operate.

  5. “I’d like to give a shout out to my little peeps who are diggin’ those new tunnels”

  6. At least they have good trigger discipline, eh

  7. Nothing says “cease fire” like celebratory gunfire!

  8. I’ve got those same Pachmayr grips on my Hi-Power!

  9. Joe Daddy Avatar
    Joe Daddy

    Mommy and Daddy are taking us to the Arizona gun range!

  10. Sheepdog6 Avatar

    What are these NFA laws you’re talking about…

  11. “…So I said the next time you roll through here that ice cream truck better have some Nutty Buddies on it. And not being playing that creepy ass music. And dammit if he didn’t come through here with no Nutty Buddies. Gaza don’t play that.”

    Abdullah: “Rocket Pop mudafukkaaaaaa!!!!”

  12. jim bob Avatar

    “From my cold dead hands, Bloomberg”

  13. Tenacious221 Avatar

    Pachmeyr grips on that hipower…at least someone has good taste in firearms…even if their politics sucks.

  14. For the love of Allah …. enough with the guns already. I was HOPING for a Lime Green Hula Hoop!

  15. Man kids have better toys these days. Also these kids have better trigger discipline than some shooters I know.

  16. m flynn Avatar

    First let me just thank Allah, without your religion of peace, I wouldn’t be the jihadist i am today…. I’d also like to thank Hamas for the protracted war… Mahmood Abbas… All the American celebrities that support Palestine…. And last but not least, Israel… for keeping us sharp!!!

  17. Dakkadakka Avatar

    Still an improvement on safety compared to other pics.