Operating Effectively Is 99 Percent In Your Appearance

This Manrico Erriu guy checks all the boxes:

GENI AX HECPO.  Oh you don’t know what that means? *smh* rookie.  It stands for GENI-AX (his company) Hostile Environments Close Protection Operations (the course name).  They somehow even have the snazzy very rare url “geniax-close-protection-courses.com” so you know it’s bigtime.

0:07 – Coupled mags.  Shit is about to get real.

0:24 – We meet the man himself “Manrico Erriu”, who is an expert in robotic movements, shuffles, and counter-terrorism. Coincidentally that’s also what his JDate profile says.

0:26 – Whoa.. wtf just happened there?  Charging handle shenanigans?

0:45 – We meet some more operators in training, in the hostile-ist of the environments.

0:53 – LOLOL is this shit for real?  Yell then shuffle like you have a stick up your ass and engage targets.

1:14 – Now I’m convinced I’m actually watching a Dynamic Pie Concepts video for real… like they infiltrated this guy’s channel for shits and giggles just to troll us.

1:46 – Screw “accuracy”, from now on I’m pronouncing it “Ack-coooo-ra-sea”

2:10 – hahha right, I forgot the Israelis carry unloaded.

2:14 – What’s the point of that tactical mag flip if you’re not even going to hit the eject button?  Haley and Costa do that to dump the mag off… you faked it then pulled it out like a newb.

3:01 – I have no idea what’s going on here.

3:14 – Whoa easy there… yea you’ll figure it out don’t worry.

3:36 – Yelling out gunshot sounds and miming real trigger pulls is always a great way to train.

And if you didn’t already know GENI-AX is a WORLD NETWORK guys.  LOL check the buzzword filled promo video below:

Manrico-Erriu-Training-FirearmsI love this shit.  Straight out of an “Operating in operations for business management” textbook.


Hat tip: no uno


20 responses to “Operating Effectively Is 99 Percent In Your Appearance”

  1. I love seeing the tactical derp training du-jour but gotdamn, that second video made me nauseous! He tries so hard with his big words!

  2. Is he an 11b with bad habits learned from the sandbox?

    1. Why you making fun of someone’s hhhhhhhnnnnnnnnggggggg!

  3. Can’t believe you forgot the ” 0:30 – Run ! Oooops I got the shits ! ” comment…

    By the way, about the Israeli carry, I thought that it may have historical reasons… With the UZI being originally an open-bolt design, isn’t safer to carry “unloaded” ? Just asking.

  4. czbeardly Avatar

    The only thing in this video I can support is “…finger out”. The rest, what the fuck man…

  5. JoeDeke Avatar


    Dat stance

    1. Yes, dat stance indeed. Nearly spit coffee out my nose.

      That tactical spread-eagle stance keeps your weight to the rear to counter the recoil of your firearm coming from the fro…… oh wait…

  6. Critter Avatar

    i’m not clear on the use for the little dance at the end of those short sprints, but dang it, i’m gonna do that the next time at qualification.

    1. Hammer time!

  7. czbeardly Avatar

    Critter – I am gonna do it this weekends 2day handgun/rifle match, just gonna shuffle the shit out of each alpha hit.

  8. Mike S. Avatar

    Prediction: Erika dumps Cory and jumps to team Geni-Ax.

    1. AGREED. Logical next step in her evolution.

      1. jim bob Avatar

        she will shed her Cory like a fine buttocked flat abbed serpent.

  9. Johno Bigstick Avatar
    Johno Bigstick

    at :50 “teeeaamwhaark!” at first i thought I heard “get to da chopppahhh!” or maybe “It’s not a TUUMARH”

  10. If the cherry you are carrying between your butt cheeks hits the floor, then you have to pick it up with your mouth and start over! #collegehazing

  11. Are you not allowed to have optics or something?

    Lol wow next 3 gun I just might have to break out the big twerk tactical shuffle there…

  12. I thought I saw Instructor Zero rolling around for a second, but nope it was another tacti-fool. Chris Costa eats these guys for lunch! (no homo) These sad asses don’t even have their own luggage line bro.

    That second video. WTF. I haven’t heard so many buzzwords since I last nerded out at a Microsoft product release media day.

    Anyway, I guess guys with lots of tats, wraparound sunglasses and shaved heads have three options theses days: 1. join the PD, 2. join a biker gang, 3. do ghey stuff like this with their buddies. To each their own.

  13. Ron Mexico Avatar
    Ron Mexico

    Remind me not to receive protection from anyone trained by an outfit where the lead instructor wears his front plate so low that 3/4 of his heart is exposed…

  14. Monroe Avatar

    Manrico Erriu is a fraud and a fake. Where did he get his training? Where has he been operational in hostile environments and with whom? Where and when has he been a close protection operator? He won’t answer these questions. All he says is he got his start in Japan. Really? Doing what? His videos are full of dangerously unsafe and tactically unsound drills and practices designed to be flashy to get customers. This guy is a loser no true tactical professionall would be associated with. He obviously has no real I depth training or background in a military or police organization. Anyone spending money to train with him is a perfect example of the phrase, ” a fool and his money are soon parted.”