How FPS Russia Gets His Stuff

I like the brick wall in that gun store a lot!    Very classy.  I wish the mounts were a bit classier, but oh well.

FPS-RussiaGood info, probably some stuff people didn’t already know.  I like when guys (like them) make suppressors, and other NFA items seem very accessible… because they are.

hahha OH that ammo!


8 responses to “How FPS Russia Gets His Stuff”

  1. ZBalentine Avatar


  2. NO eye or ear protection, again.

  3. Best video yet from FPS Russia! I like his shooting vids, but the info in this one is just great.

  4. HA! this is Quiet Riot Firearms in Georgia. That my friend is the “Machine Gun wall”

  5. Nothing more Russian more than a huge brick wall.

    1. Hah! Nice one.

  6. IndyEric Avatar

    04:12 – “I think there might be a couple of 22LR bricks in there.”


  7. Glad you guys liked the video and the wall. The hooks are actually old WWII Thompson cleaning rods. If you’re ever in metro atl come stop in! Love my endo shirts!