Filipino Marines Balloon Sniper Confidence Test

50% of the trainees fail the confidence test they said.  Yea the smart ones are likely like “HA no thanks, you guys are idiots”.  Looks like about 50 yards only, but still…

Dave-Chappelle-Rick-JamesIs Tactical Response doing balloon confidence tests yet?  Do they get the downrange photographer to hold the balloons?  Seems reasonable (see justification here). haha



4 responses to “Filipino Marines Balloon Sniper Confidence Test”

  1. Anonymoose Avatar

    Could be worse. They could be shooting at each other in body armor, like the Russians.

  2. dogxhead Avatar


  3. Was that dude shooting off a bag of rice? LOL

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Haha I can’t read what it says but if so that’s awesome.