FOX News Tucker Carlson Be Like Miss Me With That Gun Safety Bill

Tucker is a G in this:

Mark-Hoffman-Open-Carry-TrollThe discussion starts at 2:43 – Good for him for speaking up.  Most wouldn’t have.



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  1. My respect for Tucker Carlson just increased 10 fold after watching that. Kudo’s for him to bring up relevant facts. I love the look of the other male newscaster’s face when Tucker didn’t let him off easy on the bathtub question.

    Most just don’t want to hear the true facts though.

    I was speaking with an anti-firearm co-worker when someone walked by and said that they had fun shooting one of my AR’s over the weekend and thanked me for taking them to the range. The anti-firearm co-worker looked at me and shook her head and said that they should be banned and confiscated due to their deadliness.

    I asked her if she actually knew the facts, or if she was just going off emotion. She said that it was a known fact that thousands of people were killed every year by assault weapons.

    I replied, “that is true, but let’s not talk about active war zones, let’s just talk about the US”. I told her that more people were killed by hands and feet than by her so called “assault” weapons. She said, “well, that might be your opinion, but I prefer to deal in facts.”. I sent her a link and asked her to look up her facts and get back with me. Here is the link.

    She hasn’t spoken to me since.

    1. TheBear Avatar

      Not surprising. A lot of anti gun people take their self righteous beliefs as a matter of faith – it is almost like arguing religion with them.

    2. Just going to point out that is not Tucker’s main gig. His main gig is editor in chief of The Daily Caller. So he doesn’t have to suck up to the RHINOs and Bushies at Fox.

  2. “Thinking the gun was unloaded” …there’s you’re problem right there.

    1. your*

  3. Tucker’s been keeping it real since Jaws was a goldfish–Kudos for him calling BS on a scare/tear-jerker story.

    Blondie did make an important point at the end: it’s just not in the culture up there–history has shown time and time again that average New Yorkers just shouldn’t own guns. I knew in the first few seconds when I heard that accent that sounds like vomiting gravel how this was going to end. Really? How could you be a parent and not know to secure your firearm when there are untrained 12 year old boys in the house? I mean who is this?

    I live in North Carolina, where by the age of five I had been taught safe handling, and by 12 had access to several firearms. I never would have DREAMED of pointing a firearm at my friend for laughs, even at 6 years old.

    We have safe storage laws here currently, and have, for anyone with children in the home. You have to sign an acknowledgment everytime you buy a gun from a dealer here. This is just common sense. Doesn’t affect me, I’m not goin’ halves on a baby–those things are f*ckin’ expensive. Like way more than a NightForce, even.

    It blows my mind that a state with 7-round mag limits doesn’t have safe storage. If I were a billionaire mayor who knew what was best for all of my subjects all of the time (the poor can’t make their own good decisions!), I might have started saving kids with safe storage laws before attempting to ban 32 ounce sodas.
    Oh, “Saawwry I meant ‘pop’”.

  4. While I can’t imagine a NY parent educating their kids on guns and what-to-do-if… they saw one at a friends house, its easy to imagine such discussion/training here in Montana. In fact, I’ve inundated my kids with that education, training, and I’ve got them soooo bored of guns (because they regularly use them since 5 years old – they’re now 6, 9, 11, and 13) and they’re firmly trained in their safe handling of guns that such an incident (loaded gun left laying around) would far less likely end in a tragedy. They know dang well if the kid’s house they’re at has a kid who isn’t bored of guns and who is curious to find and play with them to leave or educate said kid by hopefully disarming the kid with it or showing the kid where to point it..removing finger, etc. This is a parenting issue and as we all know, we can’t legislate parents into being responsible with guns. Personal responsibility…not more laws to be ignored.

  5. Guns are dangerous. Guns are everywhere in America. America is a gun culture. Guns can be found in half of America’s homes. They are often not secured. Unsecured guns pose a special threat to kids. Kids are clever. They can find guns wherever they are hidden. When they find them, some kids will play with them because they don’t know any better. It is the personal responsibility of every single parent in America to educate their children about the dangers, safe use and handling of firearms. Guns are dangerous. Guns are everywhere in America. America is a gun culture.

  6. Doyletoo Avatar

    Go Tuck!

  7. I’m a parent and I carry a weapon every day-not LEO. When my kids are old enough to visit without me, I will be asking people if they have taken measures to physically prevent their children from accessing a weapon. With the advent of biometric safes, there is no reason to have an unsecured gun in the house. If you need quicker access than a finger print safe, carry the gun on you.

    What I’m saying is that there is a way to fast access to your gun and keep it out of your kid’s hand.

  8. Oh, hell. I didn’t even think it was “an issue” until a couple of months ago. I’m a widower, and my daughter came up from California to visit me .. with my two grandchildren.

    At first I was all “Oh no, we can’t do that! No no, I’ve got guns all over the house!”

    The I calmed down, and told her that there were parts of the house where the kids could NOT go, and other than that we would be just fine. (Okay, my gun safe ended up crammed with pistols, but that’s another story.)

    So the kids could go upstairs to the bathroom, but no-where else. In the downstairs living room .. no guns where they could reach.

    I was happy to see them, they enjoyed the visit, and gun safety was not an issue.

    But if I had children living with me?

    I’ve done that, too. 20 years ago. The answer is: “There are guns in this house. They are loaded. Always. If you want to handle a gun, just say so. Anytime. If you want to shoot a gun, I’d love an excuse to go to the range! But no neighbor kids in the house, because they’re not as savvy as you are.”

    Did that cut down on their ability to entertain neighborhood kids? No. We worked it out. We defined safe places to be, and they stuck to it — because they understood (and I’m talking about 6 and 7 years old children) that this was serious and necessary.

    They were cool about it. They just told their friends: “Dad’s a nut. But we let him stay here, anyway.”

    Heck, I let them run around outside UNSUPERVISED, and none of them got run over by cars in the street, either.

  9. I wonder why he would be offended by that question. If anyone asks me if I have gun in my house, I wouldn’t feel threatened. He also compares guns to bathtubs because he says more people are killed in bathtubs than by firearms. Last time I checked, bathtubs weren’t made with the specific intent of destroying a target. It also worries me that he seems to downplay the dangers of firearms left unlocked. I never liked how people like him view any notion of firearm safety to a government-led assault on the second amendment.