Fill The Pristine Wilderness With Lead

Silencerco sure has some cool places they shoot in Oregon:

The pristine wilderness is awesome… FILL IT WITH LEAD.  I just hope people don’t get any ideas like this around where I go on hikes.

Silencerco-Boat-ShootingLOL that swan.


Hat tip: Tim, Erik


17 responses to “Fill The Pristine Wilderness With Lead”

  1. James Rustler Avatar
    James Rustler

    Would have been better if operators were operating from a tactical tube being towed from six o clock stern of the hull. That means ‘from behind the boat’ to you non-operators.

    1. LOL. Tactical vassar skilaufen?

      1. My Deutsche is a bit rusty apparently – It would be wasserski? Either way, these guys know how to party in 1080p.

        1. derpmaster Avatar

          I’ll be impressed when I see them wasserski mit einem flammenwerfer.

          1. Flammenwerfer… it werfs flammen!

            1. SittingDown Avatar

              It’s a dickfer.

  2. Wait, isn’t it illegal in many parts of the country to be in a public field / woods with a firearm during non-hunting season?

    WV was like this until a few months ago: (THANK YOU WVCDL)

    1. If you notice the disclaimer at the beginning, which is way funny, they say that they’re on private land.

      1. +1 Thanks for showing my lack of attention! :)

    2. As an Oregon resident for the last 32 year. Not in Oregon.

    3. Wow, that doesn’t seem like a huge infringement of somebody’s rights! thats unheard of out here in the west!

  3. Eat that, Sierra Club!

  4. jim bob Avatar

    when that dude in the mama san bamboo hat hit me with the manson lamps, i freaked out and preemptively kicked my computer screen.

    1. Dracon1201 Avatar

      Holy $%#^ that terrified the bejezzus outta me!

  5. I’m in the wrong part of Oregon, need to move south…

  6. I can’t shoot into or across bodies of water (including rivers/streams) or into live trees on national forest land here…but I know folks with private ponds and small lakes like this…so I guess i just need a supressor…ok, nm.

  7. Isn’t he just returning the lead to its natural habitat?