Drinking In Your Jammies And Shooting At Body Armor Indoors

Oh TMHonfire102 you crazy:

everything-could-be-a-trollNothing like tossing a few Coors back in your Jammies after a long day, then shooting suppressed at some body armor indoors.  Like really, who hasn’t done this?  Propping the body armor up with Dr. Seuss books is pretty standard too.

TMH has always given so few shits, I love it.



14 responses to “Drinking In Your Jammies And Shooting At Body Armor Indoors”

  1. Coors? At least he was staying hydrated drinking that water.

  2. I kind of miss cokefag.

  3. 2:32 to 2:44 Things to say on your wedding night.

  4. Logezbro Avatar

    Dumb ass. This is why people hate gun owners. Dudes like this giving us a bad name.

    1. TheBear Avatar

      Yeah, it’s pretty dumb but it doesn’t cause me any alarm. I see dumber shit on my way to work every day… which is especially scary for people riding motorcycles.

  5. jim bob Avatar

    at various points i was mesmerized by him waving that pistol around like a phallus. he should have done this in his basement with the body armor around his water heater.

  6. heavyfire7537 Avatar

    Another vid for the anti-gunners. Dumb fuck

    1. Logezbro Avatar

      YUP. Looks nuts. Because he is.

  7. Drapetomanius Avatar

    Live Laugh Love.

  8. Nice knife skills

  9. STLBLUE Avatar

    The walls in his trailer are thinner than the body armor. Is this what he does when he’s not on people of walmart?

  10. Anonymoose Avatar

    I used to have a sort of dirt backstop in my basement (where it wasn’t finished) and shoot .32 Longs out of my Mosin into it. My roommates didn’t even notice even though they were right above me.

  11. I love all the pussies worried about what the anti-gun crowd thinks about shit like this. Really? You’re worried about a group that thinks the 2A applies only to muskets might find gun stuff offensive?

    You might as well be going, “I hope I don’t taste bad,” as a bear turns your face into a buffet. It would just be as practical.

  12. HASHTAG_BUTT Avatar

    Ok first body armor is required to be tested on clay or ballistic gel. Those that dont know why. Its because you need soft tissue behind the armor for it to work correctly this so called test is null body armor is just that, it goes over soft tissue and covers vital areas by placing hard backing or just hanging a vest and shooting it you will have flawed results unless testing rifle plates