Plier Grip Handgun Mag Reload – Now You’re Just Making Shit Up

Instructor Zero, doing shit just to do it:

I scoured the internet for any other talk of the “plier grip” and I couldn’t find anything.  Sure they might have made the name up just… I suppose that doesn’t matter.  People are hating on this method for a number of reasons in the comments.  From keyboard command I see a bunch of problems when you factor stress into the equation for instance.  If you dropped your semi-full mag on the ground then jammed another one in full speed as you normally would if it were an empty mag…. then picked the semi-full one you ejected up IF IF you have the chance I see that as a better option rather than trying to learn something new to impress chicks while operating.

Instructor-ZeroDo your thang zero, do your thang.



8 responses to “Plier Grip Handgun Mag Reload – Now You’re Just Making Shit Up”

  1. ThomasChagrin Avatar

    I was actually taught this in a class that I took. It’s about topping off if/when you have time but also retaining that partial mag if you might need every little bit that you have later. Getting back into the fight with only a few rounds wouldn’t be wise if you happen to have time to prepare to be ready with a full mag. It could avoid having to reload while taking incoming fire. Eh, I know that this is debatable. I haven’t practiced this at all, but the reasoning that was taught to me makes sense. I hope this helps!

    1. gilk10180 Avatar

      I have also been taught this in several classes. Its simply referred to as a “reload with retention”, meaning you are retaining the magazine instead of discarding it. It is NOT an emergency releoad, its meant to be done after an engagement or during a lull in a firefight, Ive also seen its use in 3 gun.

  2. Anyone ever seen this guy and Jason Werth in the same room? I think not.

  3. It looks like at the 21 second mark if he were to fire at his foe the rear of the slide would come into rapid contact with his chin-beard, which, given this is Instructor Zero, I’m certain said slide would shatter.

  4. Drapetomanius Avatar

    The term “plier grip” may be his own term, but that’s pretty much the exact grip I’ve been taught at several schools for topping off or “tactical” reloads (as opposed to an emergency reload where you just dump/strip the empty/malfunctioning mag).

    Considering all of the weird shit tier-0 HSLG garbage that Zero does in his other videos, this is very practical. Best method I’ve seen for retaining partial mags.

  5. I just shoot until slide lock and go from there. I ain’t got time for no tactical mumbo jumbo moves. I’m too busy smoking terrorist fools to worry about all that when I operate.

    I mean, when I’m punching paper at my club, I just gently set the empty mag down on my pistol mat and carefully reload. But in my mind I am operating so hard. You got me? How copy? Over.

    Only time you should evah use a plier grip is if you’re street fighting with no rules.

    I derped.

  6. beetlebailey33 Avatar

    Paul Howe teaches this at his school.

  7. Standard tactical reload. Plier grip is not a standard name. This isn’t typically done under immediate danger, but topping off when you are behind cover and there’s no immediate threat.