Instructor Zero’s High Speed Low Drag DVD Coming Soon

So operator it hurts:

hahah coming this fall.  I don’t know what kind of market there is for this kind of thing, but I’m sure he’ll do alright with it.  I thought the day of the “DVD” was over like 10 years ago, but I could be wrong.  Unless now DVD just means “video to download”.

Watching him side step to the white stripes song at 0:33 is entertaining.

0:44 – total upside down loading of the pistol is so crucial if you’re trying to look the part.

Instructor-Zero*NOTE: Instructor Zero would like you to know that all the bricks in his wall are child labor free.

I really hope he teaches advanced tactical handgun shit like forward rolls, suffocation training, and how to get shot in a hallway.



9 responses to “Instructor Zero’s High Speed Low Drag DVD Coming Soon”

  1. Steveweiser Avatar

    How short is this guy?

  2. James Rustler Avatar
    James Rustler

    I didn’t even watch the video, but I bet he was a tremendous toolbag in it, as usual

  3. Did they seriously film through the sights while aiming at someone? Even if empty, I don’t think I would let someone do that to me. 0:31

    1. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

      That’s the purpose of the yellow training barrels. For a grand total investment of about $15, I highly recommend getting yourself a yellow training barrel.

  4. kingof9x Avatar

    Should have gone with downloadable video for a high speed low drag delivery instead of the old, clunky, and slow DVD.

    I am so high speed I don’t even have a dvd player.

  5. I really wanna know who “Team Zero” is. Obviously he has a pretty devoted crew who helped him make this DVD and his youtube videos. How did he connive them into this, seeing as he really doesn’t have any decent background credentials AFAIK?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Funker Tactical cosigns him. I don’t remember if zero has any professional credentials but the guy can shoot like hell!

    2. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

      “How did he connive them into this,”

      My guess is money. FPS Russia was earning a couple of hundred thousand dollars a year from youtube. Hickok45 is estimated to be earning $300k-$600K from YouTube. FPS is pretty much old news these days. Hickok is all about the reviews. Zero found a niche and is running with it. Good for him. If you have a dedicated place to shoot where you can take over for a day or two a month, it’s pretty easy to crank out lots of usable footage.

  6. He was an operator for Paris Special Forces.. If you stop sounding like a lot of bitches and watch the skill of this guy you could probably learn something.. Haters everywhere you go.. Jealousy.. He has been making videos on helping people train, run drills and shoot better for a while.. He was asked to make the DVD set by viewers.. You don’t like it don’t buy its that easy.. But for the rest of us that aren’t full of ourselves and understand that there is always room for improvement, I cant wait to get the set!!