Noveske Knows How To Have A Good Time

Purely for shits and giggles:

Noveske-LogoWhat’s not to like?  I enjoy when companies don’t take themselves too seriously.

You can check out their website if you’re feeling in a spending mood and you want something badass.


13 responses to “Noveske Knows How To Have A Good Time”

  1. ThomasChagrin Avatar

    R.I.P. John…. It’s great to see that they haven’t lost any spirit. :-)

  2. Texas-Roll-Over Avatar

    This company is awesome.

  3. *was awesome. :/ I appreciate that they do not take the marketing path of multicam operators operating but have a little class. The Noveske that sold me years ago just let the quality sell itself. This is brand mining.

  4. Critter Avatar

    oh, i dunno, it looks like they’re trying the “guns are fun” direction. doom and gloom will only reach so much of a target demographic.

  5. I love the Team Zissou reference!!!!!!

  6. Loving it. The bubble scene at 1:40 and the guy at 2:24 had me cracking up.

  7. Titty sprinkles!

  8. LOL too funny, i agree good to see a company that puts out a good product and can still have fun, John Noveske will be missed for sure.

  9. Todd S Avatar

    Luchador executing a soap bubble… what’s not to like?

  10. noice

  11. Slightly reminds me of this Spaniard’s work:

  12. Thoroughly enjoyed watching that video. Does anyone know what song that might be?

  13. That’s… I’m just so happy.