Costa Transitions From Derp Satchels To Nice Looking Backpacks

Chris Costa x London Bridge Trading (LBT INC) x LBX Tactical:

Oh sorry about the title, my bad it’s not a backpack… it’s a “System” because it has numerous parts.  I realize the Derp satchel for life helmets was made for a different purpose, but regardless I think it’s safe to say his mom and his two aunts were the only customers.  This collab looks a hell of a lot better and is more functional.

3:51 – Please tell me he has Skittles rubberbanded to the other side of that CTR stock.


He tries to sell the “discrete” aspect of it a whole bunch though.   Sure the large bag part of the “system” is not going to scream “rifle” to soccer moms and emo mall rats… but for those who are familiar with rifle bags you know damn well he’s not carrying around XXL pepperoni sticks, and jumbo freezer pops in a bag profile like that (although highly recommended by ENDO).


Costa is so high speed and his drag is so minimal.  Watching him run in slow motion is like watching a mechanical tactical humanized grey wolf hunt down prey.

The price is $275 for the bag over on the LBX Tactical site. Other components of the “system” are extra.



20 responses to “Costa Transitions From Derp Satchels To Nice Looking Backpacks”

  1. That Baywatch intro has got to go.

    1. Seriously! The whole video in slow-mo? Do people fap to this or what?

  2. blehtastic Avatar

    Really? You’re knocking this? Maybe I’m nuts, but I thought the modularity was brilliant. I hate how there’s no easy way to attach most chest rigs to plate carriers and the fact that it’s a drop leg too is super fun.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      “This collab looks a hell of a lot better and is more functional”

  3. Rated R Avatar

    Looks solid to me, I’ll definitely check it out.

  4. I bought a $29 navy blue bag from Bulldog gun cases. It’s medium blue, has no pouches, molle or Milspec Monkey patch velcro on the outside. On the inside inside I put an uppa on da left and a lower on da right.

    I also have an Everlast sport bag from Wal-Mart and an uber high speed Blackhawk!!???!! (operating is a way of life bro) diversion blue racquet bag that work nifty for folding stock AKs.

    But then, I’m not taking down enemy compounds and such, just keeping the neighbors none the wiser as I go to my club. So I guess I don’t need the rig shown above. But if I did need such a rig, I would buy that one. Even if just to unwrap it and smell it a bit.

    (Do you think that coming out of my garage in full multicam and chest rig gives me away or is my blue bag enough to throw them off the trail that I ain’t got no guns?)

    I derped.

    1. Lmao yeah. I mean anything with velcro on it is a dead giveaway- oh look, a fucking gunbag. I am digging the modularity, but lets be real and stop calling everything “covert” and “discreet”. This is about as discreet as Putin’s seizure of Crimea.

      1. I think carrying the rifle outside the bag would be more covert.

  5. OK, I was prepared to make fun of him and his non-moving beard in slow-mo, then I watched the video, and thought it might be a nice idea.
    *slow, respectful clap*
    Is Velcro the new Molle?

    Just one thing I.m not operator enough to understand, what´s with the shock cord on the handguard??????

    1. Spidermonkey Avatar

      Yeah I was trying to figure that out too. I guess were not operator enough to understand.

  6. Critter Avatar

    and there are extra pockets for doggy treats. how thoughtful.

  7. jim bob Avatar

    “Other components of the “system” are extra.”

    does it come for a modular sack for my testicles? if i paid $275 for a bag, and it didn’t say Prada, the wife tells me i wouldn’t be needng them anymore.

    1. jim bob Avatar

      come *with*

  8. pointblank4445 Avatar

    Not sure if gaining respect for Costa for a well-executed idea…
    or losing respect for LBT for teaming up with Costa.

    I’m conflicted

  9. Mountain Avatar

    Great, now I have to get rid of my Malinois so I don’t look like a Costa fanboy.

    1. Cool dog! But yeah, just another Costa fan boy now… ;-)

      1. Mountain Avatar

        I just found out ARFCOM hates Costa now, so I’m okay with it. The enemy of your enemy something something hateraid.

  10. The video needs more lens flares!

  11. Zachary Avatar

    Nothing will beat an old, ratty, wilson tennis racket bag
    You can fit an ar with the upper seperated from the lower
    An ak w/ folding stock
    An m1 carbine w/ para stock
    A 18″ barreled lever gun without stock
    A pgo/folding stock shotgun
    And a couple of pistols with a foam cutout

    A LOT more discreet than this

  12. I do like the set-up…not the price or slo-mo’s…But it does look kinda slick IMO.