A Look Inside Adam Savage’s Workshop

The guy best known for his work on Mythbusters:

Mythbusters-Gun-SuppressorsWow a lot of cool stuff in there.  Organized chaos in most of it for sure.  He definitely knows what he’s doing!

If you could pick out one thing what would you want?  I’d probably pick the ejection seat from the jet… or the lathe.


8 responses to “A Look Inside Adam Savage’s Workshop”

  1. I’d take his bladerunner gun replica, he’s got one of the best. Adam contributes a lot to Tested channel and plenty of good stuff is there if anyone is into making things.

    1. Andrew Avatar

      The best thing on the tested channel is his one hour builds, he has one where he builds a carrying case for the bladerunner gun.

      1. One day builds, not even Adam could pull that off in an hour haha. But yes, they are fantastic indeed.

  2. I pride myself on having an organized garage, but this guy has taken it to level 11.

  3. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    That, my friends, is a proper man cave.

  4. Such a shame he’s so anti-gun tho:(

    Ironicly however, the ultra-lib Kari Byron is a VEGAN and LOVES guns, go figure, lol.

    1. TheBear Avatar

      She loves guns but is anti 2nd amendment (as in everyone having a right to own them).

  5. TheBear Avatar

    It must be nice to be a multi millionaire.