Party To Celebrate Samuel Colts 200th Birthday

Colt Firearms throwing one for the guy (he’s not alive any more obviously) on July 19th in Hartford, CT:


On July 19, 2014 , the 200th birthday of Samuel Colt will be celebrated with special events and activities in Hartford, Connecticut. This historic celebration will showcase Hartford’s rich collection of historic Colt assets and materials.  Join us for the Grand Festival at Colt Park on July 19, 2014 in Hartford, Connecticut.

More info over on the Colt’s 200th birthday website.

Looks like it should be fun.  Good move having a 9AM to 6PM beer garden… that ought to liven things up.

Anyone planning to attend?


3 responses to “Party To Celebrate Samuel Colts 200th Birthday”

  1. Held in CT…I live 45 minutes away…PASS.

  2. The irony. Celebrating the birthday of a firearms pioneer, in an anti-gun state.

  3. Can’t transport my daily carry gun into the state? Pass.