Instructor Zero Tenuously Justifies His Thirst For Tactical Man On Man Contact

He was feeling lonely so he fabricated a drill

From the YouTube description:

The reel drill is applied under a specific set of conditions where 2 operators must provide continuous fire towards a threat in a narrow/confined space such as a corridor.  The movement allows for one operator to efficiently and clearly remove himself from the line of fire using after his weapon has gone dry while allowing for the rear operator an immediate line of sight towards the threat.  This drill simulates the need to provide continuous fire from 2 operators – alternatively, if both operators fired at the same it could create a delay in continuous fire due to both having to reload.  The drill also provides a shield for the operator who is reloading.  Do not try this advanced drill on your own at home.

Nothing like getting a gun pointed at your head/back too (0:17 pictured below).  Oh right I forgot, these guys are operational pros therefore immune to “accidents”.


Instructor-ZeroWhatever you do guys, heed the warning and don’t attempt it until you have a YouTube channel with at least 27358 subscribers, and a foreign accent.

This guy MUST have an ammo sponsor by now.



11 responses to “Instructor Zero Tenuously Justifies His Thirst For Tactical Man On Man Contact”

  1. ThomasChagrin Avatar

    “Rear operator”…..”drill”……

  2. Gwolf Avatar

    I love these Carnik Con guys and I am always so happy when these guys release a new vidja!

    1. ThomasChagrin Avatar


    2. MrMaigo Avatar

      LOL! If Carnik Con did this Randy would be shooting akimbo in front while Dugan hands him new guns from behind.

  3. TheBear Avatar

    That might possibly be one of the dumbest drills I have ever seen.

    Walking slowly towards a target like that is not a good idea. Period.

    In the prone. Behind cover. Behind concealment. Running (moving). These are good ideas.

    Hiding behind one’s buddy while walking slowly? Not so much.

    I call shenanigans.

  4. John Fritz Avatar
    John Fritz

    Z-man causes all danger to retreat from his advance. Pistols are simply for effect.

  5. I don’t get the rolling motion. You’re exposing gaps in armor while creating a wider target. Wouldn’t side-stepping and not breaking eye contact with the threat be the better plan?

    Oh, right, I’m not Tier1.

    Oh damn, my mistake again. Tier ZERO.

  6. Recipe for being YouTube Tier 1:

    Step 1 – Grow a beard.
    Step 2 – Buy safety gear like helmets, glasses, and body armor.
    Step 3 – Start recording video.
    Step 4 – Point guns someone.
    Step 5 – Upload to YouTube with dumb disclaimer.
    Step 6 – $$$

  7. jim bob Avatar

    “Do not try this advanced drill on your own at home.”

    Dammit. i was going to emulate this in my basement, using a mattress as a backstop and my lazy good for nothing brother in law as the second operator. if an “accident” should happen to occur during this drill, well that will be the last time he eats a whole loaf of my bread while i am away.

  8. Attacking the rear of your buddies seems like something the Greek army would do.

  9. Funny how you keyboard warriors show how very little you actually know. Although that video was not the best example that is a legit drill used by military and swat. Look it up. It’s not called The Reel drill. Get some real world training instead of slapping you jaws.