Random Stop Georgia Police Officer Murder Short Film

Directed by UCLA film grad student Benjamin Afrmann:

On January 12, 1998, a dashcam mounted on a Laurens County, Georgia Sheriff’s Dept. police car captured an altercation between Deputy Kyle Dinkheller and Andrew Howard Brannan. Their encounter quickly escalated from a routine traffic stop to Brannan’s execution-style murder of Dinkheller
Full story over at VICE Motherboard.

Powerful video.  I remember when that happened.

When I first saw it was going to be a POV video I thought it would be lame, but it was actually really well done.  Definitely an accurate reflection of what we can see of the original dashboard cam video below:

Random-StopAccording to the wikipedia page I linked above, as of August 2013, Andrew Brannan is still incarcerated in Georgia, has not been executed, and is appealing his conviction.   haha oh the justice system. Classic stuff right there.  Maybe some more care, time, and money should be spent to rehabilitate Andrew Brannan and release him back into society? *eye roll* I’m sure some people would love to see that rather than making the poor guy suffer anymore. *smh*



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  1. Chilling dashcam video.

  2. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    Don’t bring a handgun to a rifle fight. Fuck Andrew Brannan.

  3. Jerry the Geek Avatar
    Jerry the Geek

    Two thoughts:

    (1) police need to work on their shooting competence. As it is, it’s a heart-breaker.
    (2) This is the saddest thing I’ve seen for a long time. The officer didn’t need to die; he just didn’t realize that there are truly evil people out there.

    1. TheBear Avatar

      Yeah this whole thing is sad on so many levels…

      Fuck Andrew Brannan.

      It’s because of assholes like this that cops have evolved to using bullets instead of words too. In this vid, the cop just keeps yelling at him while he goes back to his truck and gets a rifle.

      It’s obvious the cop was a nice guy and didn’t want to have to shoot anyone… and look what he got for it.

      Brannan should have been put down like the rabid dog he is a while ago.

      1. arghman Avatar

        “It’s because of assholes like this that cops have evolved to using bullets instead of words too.”

        “It’s obvious the cop was a nice guy and didn’t want to have to shoot anyone… and look what he got for it.”

        Unfortunately, those too lines sum up exactly how I feel. This is why I get fed up when folks don’t treat officers with respect during a confrontation. How are they to know if you’re some head-up-his-ass libertarian making a point, or some murderous lunatic like Brannan?

        To be honest watching the dash-cam video made me ill. Not going to watch the reenactment.

  4. Our court systems are so messed up. We have this bastard on video murdering a police officer. What the hell is there to appeal!!??? This guy should have been six feet under a week after his trial

    1. Lolinski Avatar

      Too quick for my taste and I am not a bloodthirsty person. I ain’t mad that he kilked a police constable but am mad that he killed a guy who did nothing wrong. You can see he tried to talk to him, he could have legally shot him much earlier but he didn’t.

      Two to the gut and release him in the forest far away from anyone. Should take 12-36 hours of intense pain to expire.

  5. One other things that handicapped the deputy was that he was recently disciplined for excessive force. I’m sure that was running through his mind when he drew on that shitbag and probably caused him to hesitate more that he should have. Such a tough job, damned if you do, dead if you don’t.

    1. I would like to add to your comment and agree with what you said that from his sergeant telling him before that he needed to speak more instead of using Force probably cause the hesitation in the beginning……only.

      You’re dealing with a 3 year cop, year 22 year old police officer versus a Vietnam veteran who is was an acting lieutenant in his time in the Infantry.

      After the initial time he first saw the gun is when the kid panicked he didn’t hear him number was 37 being called on the radio when they kept trying to talk to him because he was in tunnel vision by then and fear for his life and Andrew Brennan took total advantage of that situation.

      From the start of the shoot out after Kyle dinkheller started emptying the first magazine is when Andrew Brennan saw him reloading came around to the front rushed him as Kyle dinkheller was going back to the rear of his cop car too reload that’s when he got shot a few times the first go-around.

      Off-camera was when Andrew Brennan was reloading his rifle by the time he got around to camera range and the camera could see him was when he was cocking it to the start firing again.

      You can see Andrew Brennan Flinch when Kyle dinkheller while on the left side of his vehicle on the ground finally got a shot into his abdomen and that’s when Andrew Brent and used his skills in the military to do what’s called slicing the pie, bombarding the officer with numerous rounds to keep him suppressed and then unload until you hear the deputy screaming and unloading his final rounds until he passes out from the shock of 8 rounds in his body.

      Then Andrew Brennan mr. PTSD man was actually leaning/ducking to the front side of the hood waiting for the officer to stop shooting the rounds, final shots and he passes out.
      Now Brennan aims very carefully and fires the final round into his right eye….now 9 times being shot.

      I am a student in Psychology and this was not a man that had post-traumatic stress disorder and Brennan was a cold-hearted killer he was doing 98 miles an hour down the street he was not having a psychotic episode of a psychotic breakdown.

      For him to sit back and use his skills as an infantry killer going around the vehicle all the Tactical movements that he used on a poor little kid that was 22 years old.
      A man with post-traumatic stress disorder doesn’t run back to his vehicle and grabbed an M1 carbine rifle and started firing at a law enforcement officer.

      It doesn’t matter how many doctors opinions talked about this guy back in the early 2000 this dude was crazy he was upset that young kid had power over him and he didn’t like it that day Kyle dinkheller just picked the wrong guy he was inexperienced he was a rookie he was scared out of his mind he was trying to be a great day deputy for his bosses and it just went too far and a 47 year old man at that time Andrew Brennan took total advantage of the man.

      You can see the conviction in Andrew Brennan’s eyes on the camera totally oblivious that there is a dash cam watching him.
      This case was back in 1998, I think about the case sometimes, recently because Andrew Brennan was just executed not too long ago.

      Most rookies in the academy that watch this video they freak out because of Kyle dinkhellers blood curdling screams…..it’s very real.

      Doesn’t get any worse than that, wow.

      It’s a shame.

  6. Alright, I’m sorry if this is long winded but I’m mad.

    When Benjamin Afrmann was interviewed by Vice there was not one question about the family, but only about the film. I think a simple, “Did you talk to Kyle Dinkheller’s wife before making the film?” would have been expected due to the beginning of the video. Vice completely dropped the ball on this question.

    I was astonished that there was no mention of a, “Any and all proceeds will go towards a scholarship fund for Kyle Dinkheller’s children” or something similar. He probably hasn’t made money on this video yet, but this film will help (or hurt) him getting future jobs in the film industry.

    This film was done as a Master of Fine Art’s Thesis, and I hope the aforementioned questions were asked when he was defending his thesis. I’ve sat on a few thesis panels for MFA’s, and I seriously doubt the aforementioned questions were asked. I would have also criticized Benjamin Afrmann’s thoroughness of researching the film with questions such as, “Why is Kyle Dinkheller able to talk on his radio without pressing the mic button when flipping through the photos?” If Benjamin Afrmann was going for accuracy based on the dash-cam and radio transmissions, Benjamin Afrmann should have crossed his t’s and dotted his i’s.

    This film isn’t a remake of the LA Bank of America Shootout where only the bad guys die, but where an innocent cop was murdered in cold blood. Yes, the film’s creator showed how Kyle Dinkheller loved his wife, but that doesn’t negate the fact Benjamin Afrmann took a very traumatic experience that was fading away, and reminded Kyle Dinkheller’s wife, son and daughter how their father died.

    I hope that Kyle Dinkheller’s family don’t see this film.

    1. snoopycomputer Avatar

      “I hope that Kyle Dinkheller’s family don’t see this film.”

      It’s hard enough to watch both vids without already being emotionally attached to the officer.

  7. it's my day off Avatar
    it’s my day off

    fuck that pos.

  8. One less cop that will shoot a dog “because it had violent intent” by barking inside a parked car..with the windows up,while the cop is safely inside his patrol vehicle..

    1. Stupid comments like this should be deleted.

      1. What do expect…..

        The losers name is AK.

        That not a future of a great person in this world the time checked just like an idiot with freewill of opinion.

        AK the jackass.

  9. 9-5 jerkwad Avatar
    9-5 jerkwad

    I think I did that in GTAV already.

  10. Jayson Avatar

    the original video is not for the faint of heart. It was the first and last “gory” video I will ever see. The sounds of the death throes haunted me for a month.

  11. tax payer dollars have gone to the last 15+ years of keeping this guy alive in prison. what a waste.

  12. jethropcoaltrain Avatar

    hes dead now now they both are dead

  13. Vibster2005 Avatar

    This is evil at its finest…prayers going out to the family. im late seein this but this happens in my neck of the woods daily. Its an amazing thing i see here is that the officer gave chances to the wacko and let him get back to his truck to get the gun. Now its no lie that if this man were of African American blood he woukd have never gotten that chance. Rarely do you see in todays society where we even make it out the car, im talking from experience so anyone who has a racist comment miss me on it you will never know what its like to have a gun in yoir face and the person points it doesnt care about how good of a person you are. They simppy do not like your skin tone so your automatically a criminal. I do not wish death on anyone but who am i to judge the wacko and say what he is or isnt. All i can do is pray as i witness a battle soon to come.