TrackingPoint 360-No-Scopes Coming Soon

TrackingPoint is one of my favorite companies right now period.  Smart rifles are the future because in general people LOVE technology.  I sure hope (and I am confident that) regular “dumb” rifles will still be around forever, but I’m definitely getting a smart rifle someday once the price comes down and the package gets smaller.

Since Luxottica partnered with Google Glass you better believe I’ll cop the smart hipster Ray Ban Wayfarers once they drop, and pair them up.

Google-Glass-Crosshairs-GunThink of what Tracking Point will do for accurate 360-No-Scope shots?  You could tag a target, then 360 all from the hip… dead center kill shot every time from hundreds of yards away.



6 responses to “TrackingPoint 360-No-Scopes Coming Soon”

  1. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    30 years ago, a computer as powerful as the one you carry we carry in our pockets on a daily basis would have taken one heck of a wharehouse to house it. TrackingPoint-type of technology will get better and smaller.

    1. pointblank4445 Avatar

      Many scoffed at the idea of relying on “electronic dots/scopes” over their tried and true irons…and here we are.

  2. I totally agree that this technology is here to stay, but I honestly don’t get it for recreational shooting. I just don’t see the point. Sort of like practicing dunking on a 3′ basket.

  3. pointblank4445 Avatar

    Mike, since you’re a fan I’ll ask you. Have they outlined the battery life of their optic?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Page 12 of the owners manual states: Under constant use, each battery should last an average of 3 hours.

      1. pointblank4445 Avatar

        (on a good, charged battery). Doesn’t leave much of a window; just one more reasons the “old”, analog skills will never go away.