SilencerCo Gets Big Bore With It

Visually stunning:

Silencerco-Tramp-Stamp-LogoI don’t know wtf is going on SilencerCo… but I like the footage.

These things are getting so damn quiet now it’s amazing.  Pretty soon they will be like the movies has always portrayed them.


4 responses to “SilencerCo Gets Big Bore With It”

  1. Dracon1201 Avatar

    Damn. That was just a sexy commercial in general.

  2. WV Cycling Avatar
    WV Cycling

    That suppressor /has/ to be “wet” to get that low of a sound impact, no?

    1. Chris Avatar

      You don’t shoot supersonic rifles wet. That can is still shooting around 140dbs.

  3. hydepark Avatar

    Subsonic is already “Hollywood” quiet. But most gas guns (AR’s) won’t cycle subsonic.