Old Hot Shots Calendar Girls Thank The 2015 Girls

0:49 – The v. rare bionic arm boob honk LOL.

Hot-Shots-Calendar-2013Being a model would be exhausting… kind of.  It probably doesn’t pay much, plus you know damn well you’ll be replaced like yesterdays news as soon as you start aging etc..



10 responses to “Old Hot Shots Calendar Girls Thank The 2015 Girls”

  1. JRKey Avatar

    That was entertaining……*next!

  2. achmed Avatar

    I am appalled, simply appalled. Let me watch it a couple more times to detail the most appalling parts.

  3. Franz Avatar

    Reminds me go the old GGL stacked and packed calendars.

  4. IllTemperedCur Avatar

    Would operate with.

    They could help with my dynamic tactical insertion drills.

  5. TheBear Avatar

    Meh… they’re pretty and seem fun but apart from the accents none are my type.

    The stereotypical model chick (for me) is like a nice, showy older car. They’re pretty and I appreciate them, but I have no desire to have one of my own.

  6. Logan Avatar

    WHORES. I love it.

  7. AJ187 Avatar

    Seems like it would turn off a lot of young female shooters to me. These chicks don’t care about guns, they’d just as well be holding a vacuum or a broom for the same money. I’m sure they all find some rich hubby anyway, so their not too concerned about cash. The modeling industry is full of creepy photographer/agents and so fourth to cling on to…..

    1. TheBear Avatar

      This video wasn’t for female shooters…

      And any woman who can’t tolerate women using their sexiness for money, or companies using sex appeal pretty much would have to live in her room and never come out.

      I mean, have you ever SEEN women’s magazines? They’re worse than men’s mags.

      1. Nah, man, I moved beyond fapping to Cosmo a few years ago.

  8. I think it’s more exhausting to watch those videos than being a model in them.
    I’m tired. I’m… going to my room. To sleep. Under my sheets. Don’t disturb me for at least 7 minutes.