Demun Jones – Tannerite Song

I ain’t mad at this:

It’s catchy, the production value of the video is high, and the lyrics are pro-gun… what’s not to like? The guy even has an operator beard. Bro do you even?

iTunes has it listed as “country”… It sounds like rap-country to me but I guess there’s not a tag for that.  I know that new country isn’t like old country, but this is straight rap with a twang.  I checked out his other video The Muddy Muddy, and it’s the same idea; catchy, high production value, and basically rap lyrics with a twang.

The lines between country and other genres are sure being blurred in the last 5-10 years.


Hat tip: Christopher


9 responses to “Demun Jones – Tannerite Song”

  1. Well, not bad I would say. They are certainly Cali Boys – us folks down here in Texas don’t have insulated window panes in our deer stands. And did he just shoot a Sasquatch??

    1. Zachary Avatar

      Ive seen one around Beaumont that had insulated windows, that was a while ago though

    2. dgdimick Avatar

      Looked like it about at the 3:00 min mark.

  2. Should have shown them field dressing the “Squatch”, cutting out the backstrap and frying it up.

  3. Zachary Avatar

    What I got from it; I sneak around the woods with hunting rifles and use large quantities of binary targets to kill Bigfoot

    1. I’m kinda ok with that too.

      1. Zachary Avatar

        Without a license either! The songs about poaching lol

  4. Grindstone Avatar

    Redneck-rap, now I’ve seen everything.

  5. Hick-Hop